Logan 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Wolverine’s death in Logan 2017 has left us fans many unanswered questions. Will Hugh Jackman return as Wolverine? Are we going to see a new Wolverine carry forward his legacy? This article will save you from drowning and get you back to the shore among an ocean of fake fan theories and rumors. Let’s start diving right in.

Logan 2 Release Date

The makers still do not confirm the release date, but Logan 2 is so awaited that the second half of 2022 will give us some idea of its release. The directors plan on fully merging the MCU and the X-MEN universe, and fingers crossed, this will happen sooner or later.

Introducing X-23 in this type of environment will propel the franchise forward, and the director also confirmed that they believe the audience will positively respond to a superhero movie centered around a female character.

The directors also stated that the spin-off wouldn’t obey the same narrative as Logan. Although he didn’t disseminate any specifics of the storyline, we all know he is working with Craig Kyle (American Writer).

Logan 2
Logan 2

Logan 2 The Return Cast

  • Daphne Keane will be seen portraying Laura (X-23). She shared a small incident regarding this in an interview. Although she had a call from people at The Fox Studios planning a spin-off to her character, this was a long time back when they were filming. She said they still have to contact her, and she’ll happily go whenever they say. 
  • In the movie, we’ll also see Liev Schreiber playing Victor (Sabertooth), Logan’s brother, which is expected to be his final time with the character.
  • Director James Mangold confirmed that because of the weak performance of DARK PHOENIX and NEW MUTANTS, he is definitely working on the Logan 2 project, and we can hear the news anytime soon.

Logan 2 The Return Plot

  • Wolverine is one of the most famous Marvel superhero characters who is a mutant with a healing ability that cures him of extreme injuries in just a few seconds. During the Weapon-X program in the X-Men comic series, he was injected with liquid Adamantium into his skeleton, which gave this character his iconic Unbreakable Claws. Then they erased Wolverine’s memory, but he escapes from captivity. He struggles with this new identity of his, and he keeps searching about his past for the next few years. Later, he joins Professor’s X-Men force, and his story continues with numerous adventures with time.
  • While Hugh Jackman announced his retirement as Wolverine after Logan 2017, the superhero character promises to appear again but with a new face. Laura, the little girl in Logan, or X-23, is considered the perfect successor of Wolverine in this timeline.
  • This movie will primarily focus on developing Laura’s character and her entire journey until she takes the legacy on her shoulders. Her childhood was devastating, as we witnessed in Logan 2017, and all the characteristics similar to Logan connect the two very well. Laura is ruthless, just like Logan in his initial days, and this shows her potential to grow as Logan did and successfully carry his title in this timeline.

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The Conclusion

There are rumors everywhere about this movie. All fans are tied to the hope of this movie being a life-saver for the X-MEN franchise. The fans, directors, and even the cast have high expectations of this project. The response from the officials is promising, and we hope to see this movie on the big screen as soon as possible.

That’s the only information we know; however, we will keep you updated. Wolverine is the most loved awaited character of the X-MEN franchises, and we all hope we hear some good news from them soon.

We hope you liked this article, and stay tuned for more such content. Also, which is your favorite superhero from X-MEN? Let us know in the comment section.


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  1. We need hugh Jackman as wolverine… Cz anyone cant replace him…. And the movie will not be good without him… Please we need him back

  2. Only way Logan 2can save the X-Men series and marvel comics is if they don’t put in all this political sjw woke lbgq feminist views if it’s just a good old-fashioned kick ass movie then it’ll save it if it’s all that in there like all the rest of these marvel series have put in that’s why they’re not doing so well we don’t want to see that we want to see a movie with action, good special effects and a good story line that isn’t ruined by all that political agenda

  3. Being a true X-men fan,I have loved every one of stories involving each member of the team. The X-men are incredibly powerful with their own amazing abilities that make them unique and one of a kind. And I plan on continuing to watch another and another chapter that makes X-men go on and on…..keeping us on our toes, eagerly awaiting more.


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