Is there a chance of Lost in Space Season 4 ? Find out all the hidden truths.

It seems like the old saying is correct – good things do come to those who wait. And here we are, after waiting for almost two years to witness the breathtaking finale of Lost in Space Season 3 with goosebumps and shining eyes, finally Season 4 is about to release! The wait was over with the blockbuster release on the 1st December 2021, showcasing a heroic triumph of the Robinson family. But all the thought-provoking twists and turns of the season finale have lit up new hopes in the hearts of the fans – will there be a spin-off show or a possible Lost in Space Season 4?

 Let’s find out what the chances are, shall we? Grab a cup of coffee and snuggle up entirely on your bed to start analyzing if there is a hint of a new season!

This famous American science-fiction TV series, Lost in Space, is based on The Swiss Family Robinson, who came out in 1812. You will be surprised to know that you have been seeing on TV since 2018 is not the first attempt to recreate the novel into a TV series. It first appeared in 1965, bearing the same name, when probably our parents used to enjoy this on black-and-white TV sets. It’s time to thank them as they have made the series such a great success that now we have the reimagining of the old one on our days. It came as a film in 1998. Maybe the grand legacy of Lost in Space would go on like that, and the Robinson family would inspire future generations too! Indeed it would bless our kids! 

What did the Trailer Show?

Everything that starts comes to an end, good or bad. But the Trailer of the final season of Lost in Space shows what kind of immense danger awaits the Robinson family. The thrilling show will bear some of the most incredible plot twists and dangerous adventures. But fans will get a sigh of relief to see Parker Posey, a.k.a Dr. Smith’s major comeback. So, all in all, the trailer of Lost in Space Season 3 confirms a more adventurous and emotional last installment of the show. 

Lost in Space Season 4 Release Date

Lost in Space Season 4
Lost in Space Season 4

If you have been highly busy throughout the previous three seasons of Lost in Space, there must be some doubts and unanswered questions still lingering on your mind. The doubts and the confusion led to the necessity of launching another season. Season 3 was the finale, so how come it still made us develop some weird questions!

Relax! All we need to do is to think here. Lost in Space Season 3 was the final season bearing vital plot points. Now, if you are doubtful about some points that may not have cleared, we are here to give you all the possible answers. It will probably break your heart, but there will not be any other season. There has been no such announcement as the Lost in Space Season 4 release date. 

So the short answer to all your expectations with season 4 is a probable ‘no.’ And let’s now see what may have slipped your mind which led to the unnecessary expectations. Here we are presenting three vital unanswered or confusing points that Season 3 provided you with, along with their logical answers.

But if you haven’t seen Lost in Space Season 3 already, let us warn you about significant spoilers! 

Aliens Built Robots, But Why? 

Since the beginning of 2018, one question that made us all scratch our heads up in vain is who built the robots. But season 3, episode ‘Final Transmission,’ gave us the answer – the extinct group of aliens. 

These aliens, looking like some versions of the scarecrow and SAR robots, built the robots. But we end up with minimum information about them. We only learned that these SAR-led robots have previously killed their actual masters. The motivation that drove the robots and the SAR is now in the limelight. They didn’t want any master or anyone who could snatch away their freedom anymore. But the final season provided nothing more which can make us understand more about the original aliens.  

Lost in Space Season 3 cleared us who created the robots but the reason behind this creation. To explain this, we need to focus on the backstory of the SAR’s triumph over their masters. This vital segment has been presented only through dialogue, so viewers never get a chance to delve deeper into the subject. But that does not confirm a definite fourth season. Because we know everything about the aliens, if we concentrate better on the contemporary Lost in Space, enlighten your friends about this point who may still wonder about the ‘why’ behind the creation of robots. 

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Dr. Smith Survives; But How? 


Dr. Smith’s comeback at the beginning of Lost in Space Season 3 truly made us cheer for her through the TV screens. But, her apparent death in the previous season and sudden comeback in season 3 created various disillusions and confusions among fans. 

Parker Posey’s Dr. Smith claims at one point that she locked herself up inside a storage locker. But it just does not fit into the whole plot, as her helmet was floating in space in the previous season. Right? 

The unexpected survival of Dr. Smith was left just the way it is without any flashbacks or explanations whatsoever. But the more we make it huge in the false desire of season 4, the more it confuses and misleads us. Isn’t it enough to be thankful that she is back? Indeed it is. 

Strange Bonding between Will and Robots 

Season 3 has undoubtedly raised a question. It made us all frown upon the strange interest of robots in Will. We get the answer to this arguably vital question finally in episode 6. 

Behind the obsession of the enemy robots and SAR with Will is because Will can be a threat to their plans for the future. But we didn’t get a clear picture of why they are so interested in Will after all. 

The final episode, ‘Trust,’ has shown us how Penny transforms one evil robot into a good one with a simple act of mercy. This generous act then Influenced others to bond with the robots and transform them. This fact negates the idea of the unique relationship Will, and Adler had with their robots. Instead, it confirms that one could always turn the robots into good ones. 

The secret behind this confusion breaks into pieces with Will’s statement – “the Robot and I weren’t a fluke.” It shows that Will showed a kinder side to the robots always. It also portrays that if the people had been more considerate of the robots since the beginning, all of the troubles might not have happened. 

Any Chance for a Spin-off Show At Least? 

Zack Estrin, the show-runner, said, “From the beginning, we’ve always viewed this particular story of the Robinsons as a trilogy…A three-part epic family adventure with a clear beginning, middle, and end.” Guess that’s enough to conclude that season 3 was all we would ever see in this series. But isn’t there any possibility? Let’s refresh a bit. 

In her memoir, which focuses on the adventures of their journey, Penny writes, “the end of…Chapter 1”. This hints at something more to come. 

On the other hand, Will, along with the reborn robot, creates a group for the adventures of exploring other planets, where no other humans or robots step foot into. 

So is there a possibility of a new spin-off show or even a sequel? Right now, the possible answer to this is a clear ‘no.’ Let’s shed some light on Will when he utters, “I have no idea where we are.” 

This statement showcases the end of the series as it implies Lost in Space ends just like how it first started by losing everything and being lost in the void. 

So, after all, there is no need for a sequel or a spin-off show. 

Wrapping Up : 

Lost in Space has been an all-in-one show – encompassing adventure, thrill, love, compassion, and family. With the flawless depiction of the emotional rollercoaster and unexpected plot twists, Lost in Space gathered a significant place in American science-fiction TV series history. But more than that, it has been a lesson we fans learned. It taught us that family, no matter how challenging the situation is, should always stay together, help each other and fight for each other. The Robinson family will always be ideal for that reason.

On the other hand, it showed that kindness and mercy are the two most important attributes a person should have. As Will did, they can change the world and even transform evil robots into good ones. So, to conclude, Lost in Space has been a journey to remember forever. 

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