Love Is Blind Season 3 Release Date and More Updates

The most loved reality show on Netflix, Love Is Blind, has already aired its second season. This means more singles, more dates, and more fun! Like that of season one, many single people would go through a quest to find their true love and exchange the marriage vows. However, the social experiment done by Netflix proved to be successful as the first one witnessed two happily married couples. 

The question many people have in their minds is about the authenticity of the wedding on the show. Most of the audience have questioned whether the weddings shown to them are legal or not. The show’s creator, Chris Coelen, confirmed that the wedding is actual and not a mere show to put up on the camera.

He further stated the filming of After The Alter, the reunion part following the whole series, has shown two couples, Lauren and Cameron, and Amber and Barnett, are still living as a happily wedded couple.

Love Is Blind Season 3 Release Date

Now talking about the Love is Blind Season 3, then till now, there is no official statement by the show makers. Moreover, there are no official announcements, and news has rolled out.

Love Is Blind Season 2 premiere was set for 11 February 2022, with the first five episodes out of ten. The rest four got uploaded on 18 February 2022, and the finale is set to air on 25 February 2022. 

Love is Blind Cast

So, we have the Love is Blind Season 2 Star Cast with their characters right now. However, we don’t know in Love is Blind Season 3 whether we will see new faces or a recurring one. So, here is Love is Blind Season 2 Cast.

  • Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee plays Veterinarian/ DJ.
  • Deepti Vempati: Information Data Analyst
  • Danielle Ruhl: Associate Director of Marketing
  • Nick Thompson: VP of Product Marketing
  • Salvador Perez: Executive Assistant
  • Mallory Zapata: Communications Manager
  • Natalie Lee: Consulting Manager
  • Shayne Jansen: Realtor 
  • Iyanna McNeely: Program Coordinator
  • Jarrette Jones: Project Manager
  • Shaina Hurley: Freelance Hairstylist
  •  Kyle Abrams: Glazier
  • Caitlin McKee: Medical Sales Professional
  • James “Joey” Miller: Business Strategy Consultant
  • Jason Beaumont: Flight Attendant
  • Kara Williams: Client Service Manager
  • Aja Johnson: Paralegal
  • Brandon Mc Ghee: Insurance Broker
  • Brian Ngo: Advertising Strategist/ Professor 
  • Chassidy Mikale: Hairstylist/ Make-up Artist/ Image Consultant
  • Haseeb Hussain: Lawyer
  • Hope Antoniello: Sales Manager
  • Jeremy Hartwell: Director/ Entrepreneur
  • Juhie Faheem: Clinical Therapist
  • Julius Cacho: Logistic Manager
  • Olilvia Harris: Recruitment Partner
  • Rocky Smith: Executive
  • Shea’na Grigsby: Event Partnership Director
  • Trisha Frame: Real Estate Broker
  • Vito Salamone: Pizzeria Owner

Love Is Blind Season 3 Trailer

Since there are no official statements out by the show makers, no Love is Blind Season 3 Trailer is out. Recently, the show season 2 is rolled out, and we have to wait until we get an official statement or news from show makers.

The Conclusion

The trailer has been solid proof that the second season would have much more drama than the first one. The viewers must have seen romance and the intimate talks between the couples, along with many crying and overwhelming emotions.

Many of the people would have left the show as well, and many others may express their thoughts of leaving and carrying on with their routine. 

The audience has been waiting for the finale to know about the final decision of the couples, either of being married to their respective partners or just leaving the altar like that and moving on in their lives.

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