Marvel Morbius Review

It does not matter which genre you prefer, Sci-Fi, adult, horror, thriller, suspicious, or whatever; Morbius is one you cannot afford to miss! 

Perfection is rare, but near to perfect results can always be achieved. A combination of horror, thrill, emotions, and suspense, Morbius features every aspect differently. Besides, how about a funny part that would run butterflies in your stomach? 

Marvel Morbius Review

  • Well, here, Dr. Morbius desires to try some drugs. Later on, after consuming, he travels through the whole city, running behind people to bite their heads and saying that he’s a Venom. It’s one of the hilarious scenes that made everyone laugh.
  • Some scenes depicted the emotions so well that the audience cried. Emotional scenes in movies are common, but a good direction, screenplay, and drama are needed so that the audience can connect well with the storyline.
  • The exciting and suspense aspects are like a freaking roller coaster ride. However, a movie yet addictive enough to fall for. When the trailer and spoilers were out, audiences were quite pissed off as they expected more of Spiderman’s screentime and not just a cameo. However, being a Marvel Superhero fan, they did watch it! 
  • For gadget freaks and tech enthusiasts, it’s an excellent adventure. However, if you’re just a fantasy fan, still your direction and screenplay make it one of the most desirable movies of 2022.
  • However, parents need to pay attention as the movie is meant for kids over 13. Though, it’s based upon a Marvel Comics character whose events occur in the Venom movie’s universe. Yet, some of the scenes are not meant for children.
  • In some parts of the story, you will see extreme violence, including biting, killing, fighting with the claws and much more. Guns are used to kill characters that ooze blood out of characters.
  • A young boy is bullied and kicked, which could present a wrong picture to them and may lead them to the wrong path. Besides, slang is commonly used; people are seen kissing openly, besides shirtless men are also depicted, which could create a bad impact and an orgasm among children.

Moreover, characters are shown drinking, smoking, injecting drugs, drinking shots and much more. Even violence for a woman is genuinely depicted. So if you have small children, you should restrict their watch.

The movie is still in cinemas, so its box office collection hasn’t been known. Stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. So we should trust a review from someone who has a vested interest in those that get to the theater to watch movies saying this is a can’t miss?


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