Marvel to adapt first Season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian Live-Action

The hot-on-heels news is that Marvel is all set to adapt the first season of the Star Wars live-action television series in a comic book form.

Marvel is creating a lot of buzzes nowadays. It is all set to adopt Star Wars “The Mandalorian” series for its next comic. The series written by Rodney Barnes will be given some more creativity, with the base story remaining the same. Marvel will be releasing it in Season 1 only.

The first season would be released in parts. Also, each part is said to consist of 8 episodes. The Mandalorian #1 (the first edition) will be released in June.

The Mandalorian was also signed up by Lucasfilm to be released as a novel. However, it was a deal of no gains, as they canceled the contract later on being, and thus was a liability to The Mandalorian.

What would be the storyline of The Mandalorian?

The popular Disney+, The Madalorian, produced by John Bartnicki, consists of 16 episodes. Starring Pedro Pascal, the series is set five years after the Return of the Jedi. The series focused on Din Dijarin as he explored the galaxy. In reality, he was hired by Imperial forces to rescue a child. However, he ends up on a venture trying to get the child “Grogu.” Amidst everything, Moff Gideon chases the protagonist to reach The Force using Grogu’s connections. It’s the storyline of the series.

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As the Marvel Comic will be following The Mandalorian Season 1, you would expect the storyline to be on similar lines. Be it action, space, exploration, or emotion, you will witness everything in the most conventional bookish form of Marvel comics, adding more beauty to it!

Are you a Fan of Star Wars: The Mandalorian?

If you are a fan of The Mandalorian, we have to share some exciting news with you. The series is in the making and will more likely be released in December 2022. As usual, the series will again be released on Disney+.

Even if you haven’t watched the series, binge on The Mandalorian Season 1 and Season 2, then binge on Disney+ now! Moreover, be ready to witness the most authentic emotions in its Marvel comic.

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