The Cold War Intensifies: Megan Thee Stallion Sue’s Her Record Label 1501 Certified Entertainment with Another Obligation

Megan Stallion has filed another lawsuit against her Record Label 1501 Certified Entertainment. Will the legal conflict between them intensify?

The Houston rapper Megan Stallion’s battle with 1501 Certified Entertainment continues to worsen!

Yes, Megan has sued 1501 Certified Entertainment Company with another allegation for her Record Label. She believes that the company is trying to keep a long-term association with her. It’s the reason they have not released her latest work, “Something For the Hotties.”

Besides, 1501 Certified Entertainment Company has stated that they had told her in advance that it was not a part of her contract, so that it won’t be counted in your total album count. Moreover, it contained plenty of material that had already been released. The company further added that she could not deliver them an unapproved album and further claimed that her contract abided.

What is Megan Thee Stallion Take Over?

Megan thinks that her album has not been released over YouTube; else, it would end her contract. Moreover, she explained that she believes it should be counted as an album because it consists of unreleased tracks and freestyles popular over YouTube. She feels it should be added because it is suitable for the same.

Moreover, she thinks they’re going against the contract. Also, for their financial benefit, the company wants to include her work under the initial contract.

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What does 1501 Certified Entertainment Company think?

A former professional baseball player who owns the company, Carl Crawford, has some views which have made it clear about what they think of Megan Thee Stallion. As she had earlier filed a lawsuit against the same company, the two had settled down, and Megan had cleared that she didn’t know what she was doing. She had also justified it as her young age immaturity.

Zagan from the Company calls her the “Cash Sh*t rapper*. He says she had justified her initial lawsuit stating that she was young and didn’t realize what she was doing. However, he believes that she isn’t younger anymore.

But, as we are not aware of the whole, we cannot judge any of them. Moreover, what’s your stance on the situation? Comment your view below!

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