Get Ready to Relish the Real Michael Jackson Biopic

From the makers of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ be ready to witness the late but legendary single Michael Jackson’s biopic.

One of the most iconic singers of all time will be getting a biopic soon from most-realtime biopic makers, “Graham King.” The film will be titled as-Michael. Also, the screenplay is done by the Oscar-nominated screenwriter “John Logan.”

The Michael Jackson Biopic will bring his legacy to life even when not amongst us. But, the King of pop’s songs continues to be a sensation amongst all of us. From “The Way You Make Me Feel” to “The Man in the Mirror,” each of his songs has won audiences’ hearts.

Michael Jackson Biopic

He was a complicated yet incredible person. The story will show the real Jackson and revolve around his real life. Be it several allegations against him that he dealt with, like those of child sexual abuse or molestation made during his career.

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None of the allegations were proved, but rather, settlements were also done. Jackson’s death in 2009 at the mere age of 50 was quite upsetting.

The King of Pop’s legacy will use the Michael Jackson Biopic titled Michael. Lionsgate has grabbed the right to distribute the title. The movie will also showcase some of the biggest super hits of his career.

What is his Family’s stand over the Michael Jackson Biopic?

Michael’s mother “Katherine Jackson” seems very excited since she has heard the news. The filmmakers had authorized the rights to make a biopic. Moreover, his mother desires to see their family life on a big screen. For her, it’s like reliving the memories with her son.


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