Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson’s New Year’s Eve Special: Everything to Know

Get ready to enjoy the Eve Party hosted by millennial icons Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson together for NBC’s special on 31st December Saturday night. Cyrus recently clarified during an event in December appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and spoke:

Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson’s New Year’s Eve Special

  • “One thing I think that gets intensive on at New Year’s time is what’s to come, being expectant, about all these things that haven’t happened yet that we have no proof are going to occur”. He further added:
  • “We kinda erase everything that did happen and we forget to honor it and look backward too”.
  • The singer of “Adore You”, who also appeared on the talk show together with comedian, added that she was super excited for the special collaboration and stated that
  • “I wanted to do something unique and it would be traditional, but I knew that we would do it in a whole different way which would be unusual, and we did that by opening with going to Miami, she also shared. He will be super funny, and I will be naked, and together we have got a very special show for you guys!”

This distinct and very special, produced by Saturday Night Live creator Loren Michaels, will also involve an all-star lineup of special guests and musical performances.

Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson’s New Year’s Eve Special
Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson’s New Year’s Eve Special

There is a possibility that one of those guests may be Davidson’s latest love Interest, Kim Kardashian. The lovely pair associated following her October SNL hosting gig. Both of them have since been spotted in New York and California.

She joked on the reality star’s romance with the king of Staten Island star when Cyrus performed on the late-night show!

Before casing Yvonne Fair’s, it should have been Me, the earlier Disney Channel star prepared, Peter Davidson, this song is only for you! When I saw those images, this is what I usually played”

Hannah Montana alum walked over to Davidson throughout her concert while singing, “It should have been me. In that Lamborghini send-off that nice ass cafeteria. I want to watch the movie in fricking Staten Island.

The Skim’s founder who recently filed divorce from Kanye West also demanded to be officially single and drop her separated husband’s last name in court docs on 10th December. Although the duo will endure to coparent their four children and West will remain the part of the family, the Kardashians support the beauty mogul’s novel romance.

The whole family is super happy for Kim and they truly have taken to Pete. A lot of the Kardashians met him in the past and have hung out with him, so he is not someone like, the new unfamiliar person that just arrived into their lives.” A novel source tells us to weekly exclusively last month that” They think he is humorous and is amusing to be around. He is someone that just eases the mood in the room.

Here is everything you should know about the new year’s event from iconic stars Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson.

Where does this New Year Eves Special show take Place?

Cyrus and Davidson will perform together on the 31st December event live from Miami, Florida.

When does it Live?

This special event will air from 10.30 PM ET to 12.30 A.M ET on 31st December.

Who is on this special show?

In this special show, you can see many iconic stars like Brandi Carlile, Anitta, Jack Harlow, 24KGolden, Kitty Ca$h, and Billie Joe Armstrong.

How Can you watch it?

This show will live on NBC and be accessible to stream on Peacock.


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