MO Season 2 Release Date, Cast and More Updates

MO is a comedy-drama that debuted this year in August on 24th. Mohammed Amer and Ramy Youssef created the series. It has a 7.5 IMDb rating and is rated A on Netflix. It is out with only one season with 8 episodes and a runtime of 30 minutes. This show is most likely a low-budget series; therefore, the story has a wild allure to the viewers. It is a pretty warm and pleasant show.

The show revolves around a guy named Mo Najjar who loses his job as the show starts, so he goes forward to find a new gig to support his family. He has a Mexican girlfriend named Maria. As described by Netflix, the show is quite gritty and heartfelt.MO Season 2

The protagonist, MO, hustles to provide for his Palestinian family, so he makes money by doing small jobs until he loses and is forced to find another way of making money. The series is a Social Issue comedy TV drama that portrays MO’s life and his struggles with two cultures and three languages.

MO Season 2 Release Date 

It hasn’t been long since the show’s debut; its first season premiered only a few weeks back. With that being said, it is obvious that the show is yet to be renewed for a second season. However, since there is no official news regarding the renewal status of the second part of the show, thus it goes without a say that the official date for release date is not announced yet. 

But, don’t be disappointed with that news as it can be presumed that there will most likely be a MO Season 2 as there have been a lot of cliffhangers at the end of the first season, which lead to a lot of questions that will most probably answer in the next season.

MO Season 2 Cast

As MO Ameer is the co-creator and the show’s namesake, he will surely be returning for the second part of the show. In addition, the chances for MO’s girlfriend Maria, played by Teresa Ruiz, will hopefully return for the upcoming season. 

As for the rest of the cast, it is most likely that MO’s brother and his mother could return for another season, but there is no official announcement as to who will be the members of season 2. Mohammed Amer plays the role of Mo Najjar, the show’s lead character. Teresa Ruiz reprises her role as Maria (Mo’s Mexican girlfriend). The chances for her return in the upcoming season are high.

Omar Elba portrays the character of Sameer Najjar. Farah Bsieso plays Yusra Najjar and Tobe Nwigwe will return as Nick. Some popular characters like Michael Y. Kim will play Chien Lee, and Eddy will cover the screen as Lizzie Horowitz. Mohammad Hindi covers the screen as Mustafa Najjar. Side character like Amelia Rico plays Medic, Christopher Rivera rejoice in her role as Jose, and Cherien Dabis plays Nadia Najjar. Many other popular actors play a vital role, like Rafael Castillo as Dante, Samuel Davis as Damon, Kasey Bass as the wedding guest and a busy mom, and Cynthia Yelle as Rhonda Modad.

MO Season 2 on Social Media

Fans have showered immense love on the series’ season 2 on Twitter. However, they felt that the series was too short and thus waited for more! One fan’s post sharing their love for the series was quite overwhelming. 

To unleash more updates, let’s discuss the trailer! 

“I laughed, shed a tear, and enjoyed a wonderful show. We impatiently await season 2! I was already a fan of Mo Amer.


But after this series, even more so. Watch on.


Mo’s official Twitter handle, “real moaner,” was quite glad over it and retweeted it. The MO series’ official Twitter handle has 24.4K followers, which is quite impressive to most others.

MO Season 2 Trailer

A trailer is a quick roster into the series’ cast, a glance into its storyline, a sneak peek at the release date, and lots more surprises. Though the season 2 revival status is official, the show has received a green signal. However, there is no official trailer out yet for the second part. The trailer will likely come after announcing the second season’s release date and renewal.

MO Season 2 Storyline 

The series revolves around an adult named MO, who just lost his job and is now on the hunt for a new gig. We see this struggle between cultures and languages, supporting his Palestinian family and keeping his Mexican girlfriend happy, with whom he has been for about two years.

He finally finds a new thing to do to earn money, selling merch. But, while he is pretty good at it, things start going south. MO and his family are still waiting on their pending Asylum request.

The second season will most likely pick up from the cliffhangers from the first season. This season’s finale sets the stage for the new season; while MO is trapped in Mexico, his family is trying to run the family business without him.

Mo Season 2 Premiere Date

Despite getting a renewal, nothing about its production or release date is known. You can expect the show premium after its trailer release and before it airs on Netflix. You can expect the show’s second part to premiere sometime in the summer of next year.

Mo Season 2 Renewal Status

Though the series hasn’t been officially renewed for a second part, it is likely to get renewed pretty soon, considering all the questions unanswered in the first one and the finale being concluded with many cliffhangers.

The Conclusion

After a short yet entertaining and full of emotions MO series had ended its first season. But, audiences are not done yet and are waiting for another installment of the show. So, sticking to the fan’s feelings, Netflix has renewed the show for a second season, but there are not many updates about it! 

Did you watch the Mo Season 1? Let us know which is the most decent character and what you expect from the upcoming season. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to bookmark our page for further updates regarding the show.

Happy Binge-Watching! 

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