Moon Knight Episode 2 Release Date is confirmed. What to expect from it!

March 31, 2022: We are finally out with Moon Knight Episode 2 Release Date and a lot more for you. 

After a long wait, Moon Knight is out with its episode one that has already premiered over Disney Plus. Being one of the most mysterious and thrilling Marvel Studios shows.

It’s a new addition for MCU fans, as the Moon Knight adds a new lead to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Besides, the mystery, thrill, and new character make it an interesting addition to Marvel content. 

The story revolves around Steven Grant, a young dude associated with an epic mystery. Gradually the mystery unfolds; Steven starts realising that he’s unknown to most of it, and he has to unleash it all. When suspicious Khonshu and Marc Spector come into Steven’s story, he realises that he has several aspects of his personality that he’s unaware of. 

The mystery is full of thrill and suspense, and you must have realised it after the first episode. I know you all are quite excited for another episode after Episode 1 out on Disney Plus. I know you all have anxiously waited, so I don’t wish to test your patients, so let’s unravel the Episode 2 Release Date; else, it will become another mystery!

Moon Knight Episode 2 Release Date

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 2 will release on the Disney Plus Platform on the 6th, April 2022, Wednesday. Besides, each of its subsequent episodes of Season 1 would premiere every Wednesday. This cycle will continue until four weeks after the episode 2 premiere. The role of Steven has added a new character to Oscar Isaac’s personality. His fans will now witness him as a fascinating person in the role.

So, if you haven’t watched Moon Knight Episode 1 yet, then tune in to Disney Plus now and have a perfect binge-watching time ahead.

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