MoonFall Release, Cast, Trailer 2022

‘Moonfall’ is a Hollywood Science fiction movie coming up this year under the direction of Ronald Emmerich. Moonfall is grounded on the figment of the imagination of the three writers, Ronald Emmerich, Harald Kloser, and Spenser Cohen.

It’s a fictional story where the Earth is on the verge of destruction by an unknown external force constantly forcing the Moon towards Earth’s ground, which will lead to a collision. The story continues following the adventure of the NASA scientist Jocinda “Jo” fowler teams up with an old friend of her who will be assisting her in the mission to save humanity.

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Here is a brief idea of the movie; the plot, trailer, and the movie’s release date are mentioned below.

Moonfall Release Date 2022


This action thriller movie Moonfall will be premiering on the 4th of February, 2022. (United Kingdom). The production house of Moonfall also confirmed that the movie would premiere on OTT platforms after 2 months of the big release in theaters.

Moonfall Cast


  • Halley Berry will be playing the lead role of a brave NASA scientist Jocinda “jo” Fowler, who took the initiative to save the world.
  • Patrick Wilson will be playing the part of Jocinda “jo” fowler’s old friend and a NASA scientist as Brian Harper, who will be seen helping Jocinda “jo” in the movie.
  • John Bradley will be playing a very significant role as K.C. Houseman, who discovered the impending danger of the Earth.
  • Maxim Roy plays out the role of Captain Gabriella Auclair, whose appearance is crucial in the movie.
  • Michael Pena is starring Tom Lopez, will be playing an exciting role in the film.
  • Donald Sutherland plays out the character of Holdenfield.
  • Charlie Plummer will be seen playing the role of Sonny Harper, another important character in the movie.
  • Eme Ikwuakor will be starring as Doug Davidson.
  • Carolina Bartczak is starring as Brenda Lopez.
  • Other supporting roles of the film: Stephen Bogaert plays out Albert Hutching, and Azriel Dalman is cast as the minor child of Sonny Harper.
Moonfall 2022
Moonfall 2022

Moonfall Trailer


The official trailer of the movie Moonfall was launched a few days back. The trailer starts by showing a man explaining to the viewers that everyone is in immense danger as a great difficulty is heading towards Earth, for that they have called an emergency meeting to seek the problem out.

A guy named K.C. Houseman discovered that Moon is out of Orbit by some gravitational force and coming closer to the Earth, which can lead to the destruction of lives on Earth. Thus he informed brian, who first did not want to believe. Still, after a lot of research work, he came to know the real thing.

When everyone thought it was impossible to control, NASA scientist Jocinda Jo Fowler took the initiative to set a mission. She knew it would be impossible for her alone to accomplish the task, so he sought help from a guy named Brian from her past life.

Jacinda Jo Fowler, Brian, Houseman, and many other knowledgeable, skilled NASA scientists teamed up together to save the Earth in every respect.

The team of this intelligent NASA Scientist is planning to attack that external force pushing the Moon towards Earth. They are firmly determined to save the Moon and Earth, leaving their families and loved ones behind.

The trailer shows us the highly modernized VFX effect of outer space, buildings falling apart, tsunami and earthquake (due to the gravitational pull of the Moon), and suitable background music.

Moonfall Plot

The title Moonfall gives us a hint about the movie’s plot. From the movie’s trailer, the viewers can assume that Moonfall is based on the adventures of the NASA scientist to save the world from entire destruction.

A guy named Brian, a researcher discovered that Moon has shifted from Orbit by some external force and constantly coming closer to the Earth, leading to a collision.

The guy out of Fear informed everyone about this upcoming risk. A skilled NASA scientist Jocinda Jo Fowler planned to attack the external power associated with her old friend Brian to save the Earth.

Thus, the film is about the venture of these NASA scientists who went on a mission to save the world from this impending danger, where various uncertainties will take place throughout the whole journey.

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The Conclusion: Moonfall

Moonfall is an upcoming Science fiction movie releasing this year, leaving everyone spellbound with its unique storyline, fantastic VFX effects, and mind-boggling background sound.

The star cast of the movie looks so natural, making the cinema flawless with their impressive performances. Moreover, it is worth watching the movie to give the audience a whole new experience of knowing outer space and related phenomena in only 2 hours.

If you are curious to know what happened next in the movie, you better watch the film in cinemas in the forthcoming month.

This kind of fictional movie attracts an audience of all ages, and the spectators are going to love this movie Moonfall because of its fantastic presentation.


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