Morbius Big Release on Netflix – its Premiere Date, Plot, and Trailer

Morbius, the all-time favorite vampire of Marvel Comics, is finally making its first theatrical debut on Netflix soon. All thanks to the Netflix and Sony bond for coming up with what we have been waiting for. But a slight hint of a drawback may be that Morbius is probably releasing on Netflix US only. But we can all hope that this problem with international release might be over by that time of Morbius release date. Or else, we could expect that Morbius might as well step all over the world immediately after the US release. So, keep on reading if you are a fan eagerly waiting for a sneak peek at what you can expect from Morbius. 

Morbius Premiere 

After several delays, Morbius will finally come in 2022 on Netflix US. It will be among the first released films next year. Morbius’s Premiere date has been scheduled to be 1 April 2022. 

When Can People in the US expect the Morbius Release on Netflix?

The special Sony deal exists in the United States primarily as of now. So, if we are to predict the actual Morbius release date, we can look at previous projects like Starz and Sony’s recent deal and the old Netflix and Disney deal as prime examples. 

Let’s take the example when Sony’s movies hit Starz for the first time. 

Bad Boys For Life came on 17th January 2020 in theatres. It almost took 201 days to be premiered on Starz on 5th August 2020. And as for the expiry date, it is currently known to be on 4th February 2022. 

Starz took around 150 days to add Bloodshot also. It hit theatres in mid-January 2020, and Starz added it on 8th August 2020.  

If we go back a little bit, we will notice that Charlie’s Angels Reboot took an incredible 223 days to be added to Starz. It premiered in November 2019, whereas we started watching it on Starz in June 2020.

Depending on these examples, we have come to a point where we also have a rough estimate with Morbius. It takes us to a surprise to note that Netflix could have easily premiered it between June and September in 2021. After that, an 18 months period will be applicable before Morbius goes to Disney’s hands, which might be Hulu in this case with all probability. 

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What’s Up with the International Release?

Morbius Poster

As for now, there is no intel about when Morbius will be released on Netflix internationally. It is mainly because Netflix and Sony’s deal with most international countries is not put publically. 

But, based on previous happenings, those countries get in touch with Sony movies at least two years after their original theatre release. Like, Men in Black: International came on Netflix in the UK and Canada in May 2021, two years after its theatre release in June 2019. Besides these two regions, Sony has a track record of releasing movies without a logical schedule that we could appreciate beforehand. 

Morbius Trailer Breakdown

With the brand new trailer release of Jared Leto Morbius, it has become apparent that this Superhero Movie has the potential to knock off the studio’s multiverse. 

The trailer came out on 2nd November, and it seems that fans are going to enjoy several antics typical of Marvel. Among the many things, this 3-minute extended trailer made us anticipate, Morbius’s cross-over with multiple MCU characters on the top. They will also include Sony’s all of the Spider-Man’s live-action universes in the very first feature-length movie of our favorite antihero. As the trailer references venom, we can also expect a blast when Morbius and Venom will meet. 

  • A little backstory 

Jared Leto Morbius is the finest choice for this antihero character, and his name in this film is Michael Morbius. He is a genius scientist with a highly uncommon blood disease for a bit of backstory from the original comics. In this journey of curing himself, Michael Morbius gets into an experiment that includes vampire bats. But the test goes somewhat terribly inaccurate that makes him a vampire. So he becomes a Superhero with all the vampire abilities like super speed, godlike strength, with a constant thirst for human blood. 

Now, for the film’s plot, we know the least. We are also not aware of it will borrow from any Marvel story or not. But apart from that part, we can assume Sony has crafted some team-up of anti-heroes or a great battle between the Marvel characters from the trailer.

  • MCU, MCM, or SSU? Or All?

It will be interesting to witness how Jared Leto Morbius will fit into the more significant Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, as shown in both the trailers themselves. So don’t get too surprised if you see some iconic characters get into the MCM from the SSU. If we look back, the post-credit scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage seemed to have teased an encounter like that between Tom Holland’s Spiderman and Eddie Brock’s alter-ego. So this type of cross-over is very much expected from Michael Morbius too. 

But what about our Jared Leto Morbius? Well, he is most likely to dwell upon both SSU and MCM. Its first trailer, released in January 2020, disclosed that we would see Michael Keaton’s Vulture in a cameo appearance. This appearance has been confirmed in the second trailer with more acceleration, revealing Vulture talking to Michael Morbius, saying, “You and I should stay in touch.” 

As the Vulture appears as the same version of Spiderman: Homecoming, we should be sure that the Multiverse’s impact will not remain within the boundaries of MCU. It has a high chance of being spread over to SSU too. So, it will lead some characters to overlap between various universes. 

If this logic can also be applicable here, along with the post-credit scene of Venom 2, it clears the path of Morbius’s cross-over into the world of MCU. Although it will be determined how he does that only after watching the film, there are multiple inevitable pieces of evidence that we pointed out above. 

  • What about Spider-Man’s multiple live-action universes?

The latest trailer reflects Venom will be in the same place as Morbius. It is transparent that Vulture is tied to the MCU. 

Now you may develop a question in mind – what about the Spiderman universes of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire? Well, all we can tell is that the recent footage featured a poster of Maguire’s Spiderman that has ‘murderer’ written on it. This specific poster made a feature in the first trailer of Michael Morbius too. Additionally, for a blink only, the recent trailer of Morbius displayed the OSCORP tower. We all witnessed this building last time in the Garfield starred The Amazing Spider-Man 2. So, to put in simple words, Jared Leto Morbius’ live-action debut will be way more significant than we have previously thought of. If Morbius successfully connects all the dots between Spider-Man’s live-action universes and the MCU and SSU, then it will be one of the most popular and must-watch films of the coming year. 

Which Actors will Shine in Morbius, The Living Vampire?

This most awaited superhero film has incorporated the most deserving actors as its cast, directed by Daniel Espinosa. We have our beloved Jared Leto as Michael Morbius in the leading role. Then we have Adria Arjona as Martine Bancroft, Matt Smith as Loxias Crown, Tyrese Gibson as Simon Stroud, Archie Renaux as Bobby, and Corey Johnson as Mr. Fox. Some of the other significant actors of Morbius are Jared Harris, Michael Keaton, Al Madrigal, Abraham Popoola, Clara Roger, and many more. The young Morbius is going to be played by Charlie Shotwell. 

Who are the Writers of Morbius, The Living Vampire?

Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless have written the screenplay and screen story. 

Marvel Morbius Digital ( OTT )/Streaming Release Date-Amazon Prime-Netflix

Sony Entertainment has collaborated with Netflix. The producers have decided to release it on the OTT platform Netflix to entertain the audience with Morbius Marvel. Well, rumors poured in that after 45 days of The Morbius theatrical release, it will be streaming on Netflix. So, as per  45 days, its digital release date on Netflix is 5th May 2022( Unconfirmed).

Update – Morbius Video on Demand on Amazon Prime and Vudu at $20. 


Final Words

Marvel has never put us down. Morbius also, with its various twists and turns alongside various overlapping and cross-overs between the universes, will surely live up to its expectations. It has been a long since we have experienced the fantastic worlds of Marvel. News of the release of Morbius in the Fourth month of 2022 adds up to our anticipation around the movie. 

If we can get over the fact that it will not be available on Netflix internationally, we could hardly absorb any setback from the news. The trailers, both designed wisely to accelerate the excitement in fans, have also filled us with the feeling of how thrilling Morbius is finally going to be. 

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