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Kamala Khan who is our very own MS Marvel was fathered by Yusuf Khan. The origins of her mother are not known.  Like her cooperators, she gains her powers from Ruul genetics which is basically an alien technology. Kamala khan is the 4th in a row to attain the title of Ms Marvel. The first one was Carol Danvers, the second was Sharon Ventura and the third was Karla Sofen to gain the title of Ms Marvel.


Kamala Khan is a Pakistani girl who has grown up in Jersey, America. She grew up adoring female icons like Ms. Marvel. Little did she have this knowledge that one fine day, she would hold equivalent powers and share the name.


Ms Marvel, our novel hero has shape-shifting as her main power. She can change her shape, size, width just like a piece of clay! Cool isn’t it?

Ms. Marvel’s story is very universal and personal to most young girls. In her former years, she was confronted with problems most youngsters face. 

The problems ranged from her not being able to adjust too well in an ethnically diverse background to basic teen frustrations. “Fitting in” was not easy for her. 


Kamala Khan gained humongous popularity from viewers at the first glance. She is someone everyone relates to. 

Her role is very well written. The character is never sexualized like most other women models. Her family has deep seated ethnic and religious beliefs. The story also established the Kamala now lives in New Jersey. The little details create an all rounder story. Her family insists on forbidding the consumption of certain edibles. The plot beautifully showcases how a Pakistani American has to deal with the wonderful smell of some food but not being able to consume it all the same. We also have a stereotypical American in the show. 

Zoe is someone who depicts contrast. Kamala has to play along with her words and bear with her. Zoey represents someone who has no religious regard. She has no idea about the hardships immigrants or minorities face, instead talks about solving world problems. For Zoey and her likes, the hijab is nothing but ornamental clothing. Although this is not merely a piece.

The hijab is delicately significant for Muslim women. It is an epitome and symbol of modesty and privacy. At the same time to ask the question of whether or not they would be killed for taking it off was yet another blow. The writer brings to Light that wearing the headdresses or not isn’t an issue but a personal choice instead. From here we pick up Kamala and her love of superheroes as one of the elements that drew so many fans directly to her.

Kamala’s love for superheroes has driven her to create fanfiction on forms regarding imaginative battles. In this instance, she’s made a story involving Captain America, Iron Man, and Carol Danvers dealing with an evil space creature. It had killed rainbow toots on Planet Unicorn.

While we don’t know much about Rainbow toots, we can probably assume they were awesome. Carol Danvers Captain America gives so much deserved justice to the space creature. This is by helping it to understand the significance of its mistake.  However, before the story finishes come Kamala is called away by her mother for dinner. At this point, the story shifts its focus to both close families as well as the struggles faced by young people again.

In the teens of every generation a kind of journey in their attempt to figure out who they are and to find their identities. For some, this journey is one of isolation, and that they become separated from their parents and only hang out with friends. For others, it’s literally bouncing between different friend groups. Within her own family, her brother is searching for his own identity.

An effort has been made to show that the search for oneness is universal.  Some effort has also been made to remove perceived barriers regarding the differences between white and nonwhite families. 

Kamala had been told that she cannot attend the party held by some other friends and the cool kids in school. She rushes to her room and we get a monologue of her internal struggle. The struggle she faces is that as a Pakistani American some of her family beliefs are still followed. The result is that in a lot of ways she feels isolated from the rest of the world due to her inability to eat certain foods.  

She can’t attend the same classes and enjoy the same holidays. Against the instructions of her father, she sneaks up on an expensive party. Transitioning into the party itself we see that this is Kamala’s first experience of what life is like.  This is from the perspective of what she considers to be a “normal American”.  Now at the outset, the party seems pretty cool. There’s live music and kids dancing. They are hanging out and talking about the kinds of things they deem to be important. 

Within this story we see balance. The consumption of alcohol is one of a surprise to her. Her friend Bruno, expresses anger in this. He is an Italian American. Being an ethnic minority, he recognizes the importance of traditional values.  He refocuses the subtle facts like despite her desire to fit in there are also aspects of heritage that she cannot walk away from. To this end, they enjoy and try getting her to consume drinks.  She realizes that she was a  target of ridicule instead of her friend. 

Something to take note of here is at this point in Kamala’s life other events take place.  Blackbolt had detonated the Terrigen bomb. He was in combat with Thanos. The  Terrigen cloud or fog had begun spreading all over. The fog has begun to spread throughout the world and has finally made its way to New York and New Jersey. 

Kamala on being hit by it experiences a sequence of surreal dreams. The purpose of this moment is to signify the transitioning into a New plane of existence.  It allows us to see the magnificence of culture and celebration of life. In addition to this we can see Kamala at loggerheads with her own headspace. 

This was her action of betraying the wishes of her parents and attending the party. It was a desperate attempt for gaining social acceptance.  

What this means is in her dream her heroes aren’t there to sway her away from it.  Neither are they here to help her mingle with the American society. Instead, they are there to help understand her place in the world and the road she needs to take to find it. To this, our protagonist remains staunch in the face of the fact that she’s not averse to her father’s teachings. She doesn’t wish to walk that way. This is because she has grown up here and doesn’t see herself hailing from some other society.

Ms Marvel
Ms Marvel

She wants to be a superhero like Iron Man.  It was granted to her. But her request might not turn up the way she hopes.  Regarding the bigger picture of marvel comics, the cool thing about the entire sequence is that it all took place during the transition.  This was within the cocoon formed by the mist.

This seems to tell us is that when a human faces terragenesis, they don’t change all of a sudden. Instead, an inner journey takes place within their own mind to help ease the transition to their new form and life.  Some just dream about their favorite superheroes granting them powers! 

Kamala’s transition is really the only time we’ve ever seen the internal metamorphosis. This basically takes place in one’s mind.

There were several situations where heroes who face terragenesis become tranquil of what’s happening. 

As Kamala comes to a close to the end she emerges from a transformation, physically identical to Carol Danvers. 

When the comic was initially released as a monthly series between January of 2014 and 2015 this sale of her comics continually drop to around 30,000 sales each month. Maybe this was indeed a ploy to make up for the fact that our newly made Superhero was battling the best heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Ms Marvel Release date

Set to hit our digital screens in the June of 2022 on Disney+. This 6 episode series will set the background for the movie. Ms Marvel release date is 8 June 2022.

  • Ms Marvel ( First ) Episode 1 Date – 8 June 2022
  • Episode 2 Air Date – 15 June 2022
  • Episode 3 – 22 June 2022
  • Episode 4- 29 June 2022
  • Episode 5 – 6 July 2022
  • Episode 6 – 13 July 2022

MS Marvel Cast

We have Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan.

Matt Lintz plays the character of Bruno Carrelli, Yasmeen Fletcher is Nadia. Aramis Knight presents as Red Dagger Kareem. Rish Shah as Kamran. Lauren Marsden as Zoe Zimmer, Shaan Merchant as assistant Taylor, Emanuel Perez as mosque bro, Rany Abu Elinaj as mosque bro 2. Fawad Khan as Hasan, Saagar Shaikh as Aamir, and  Connor Jones as Shawn.

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The Final Words

Normal humans may or may or may not have jumped in to save the day. But our superheroes of the marvel universe like Captain America, Iron man, and other heroes of the Marvel Universe always did. They jumped in without question even if the battle would mean the end of their own lives. 

Now, this particular bit is extremely important as it not only serves Kamala’s redemption but it stands as a basis for her decision. The decision has to be made whether or not to become a superhero.

Now she’s capable of exercising powers. She also gets a chance to fight alongside her idol Danvers. The popularity of heroes is defined by the growth of their personalities. 

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