Netflix Elite Season 5 Release Date, Cast and More

Let’s be honest here; most of us like Spanish TV through La Casa de Papel, or as most of the world knows it, Money Heist. That was definitely the first show to bring global attention to Spanish TV. Opinions are divided on how the series progressed, but we can agree that it put Spain on the TV map.

In the footsteps of Money Heist, we now have Elite, or as it is in Spanish, Élite. Initially released in 2018, it met with critical acclaim, and the following seasons followed. We now have received four seasons, with the fifth and sixth seasons on the way. The fifth is released in April of 2022.

Elite Season 5 Release Date

Luckily for us, we have a definite release date for Elite Season 5. It is set to drop on Netflix in April 2022. April 8, 2022, to be precise. Over the Christmas holidays, they released short stories, which served as fillers and preludes to the fourth and fifth seasons. And yes, they are on Netflix as well, for those interested.

Elite Cast

The main cast for the show is as follows. These are characters that were present from season one:

  • Itzan Escamilla will portray his character as Samuel.
  • Omar Ayuso played as Omar.
  • Claudia Salas playing as Rebeka will retake in season 5.
  • Spanish actor Georgina Amorós will play as Cayetana.
  • Carla Díaz playing as Ari. She joins the cast as the new character.
  • The character Mencía is played by Martina Cariddi.
  • Manu Rios in an as Patrick
  • Pol Granch will play the character of Phillipe.
  • Diego Martín will portray the character of Benjamín.
  • The Argentinian actress Valentina Zenere will play Isadora.
  • André Lamoglia joins season 5 as the student called Ivan.
  • Adam Nourou will join the cast as Bilal, who is a student.
  • Isabel Garrido is a new character and yet not confirmed which character she is playing.
  • The portuguese actor Carloto Cotta will plate his character as Alberto.


Netflix Elite Season 5 Trailer

Seeing how the new season is about to drop a few weeks from now, it is odd that the trailer has still not been released on YouTube. The only official video is one from Netflix about the date announcement.

However, as there are still 2-3 weeks till the release of the season, we can expect a trailer sometime from now till then. 

ES 5 Storyline

The show is set in Spain, in an elite (obviously) private school. The story centers around three students who get transferred there, despite belonging to the middle class.

The show not only follows the characters and their lives interacting with their friends and other students but also follows a murder investigation.

The fifth season will take place right after the murder of one of the characters and the repercussions of that murder. Some relationships will be tested, and secrets will uncover. All in all, expect there to be more drama and thrills.

Elite Season 5 Premiere Date

The new season will drop on April 8, and we can expect all fans to be turned into this. Overall, the date and time are confirmed, and it will not push further, so be ready for Elite Season 5 on Netflix. 

The Conclusion

With another season full of twists and turns and drama, we can expect this to be one ride. Of course, we do not know whether the sixth season after this will be the finale or not, but until then, as the saying goes, the chase is better than the catch, and we need to enjoy the ride for as long as possible it lasts. 

Did you watch the Elite season 4? Let us know in the comment section what you like the most about the show and what are your expectations. Also, you can bookmark this page for further updates and news.

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