Netflix Squid Games Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer

Did Netflix’s Squid game give you nightmares and leave you asking for more? If yes, it’s time to prepare for the second season. It’s Official! The renowned Korean survival drama ‘Squid Game’ shall be getting a season 2. The Co-CEO and chief content offerings, Ted Sarandos, have officially confirmed the news.

During an interview at the Fourth quarter of Netflix’s 2021 earnings, Sarandos was asked about the second season of Squid games. As per sources, the violent south Korean survival drama “Squid Game” became the no.1 most-viewed TV series.

To which he replied, “Absolutely.” Further, he said, “The Squid Game universe has just begun.” 

He included ‘Squid Game’ in the category of Netflix’s entertaining franchises. Further, Ted said that the company views growth potential in the series outside the basic streaming service incorporating live experiences, games, and merchandise. 

Ted Sarandos tells the media that, ‘Squid Games is the most viewed Netflix Original TV Show and they will soon start the production of Squid Games Season 2 in March. However, till then you can enjoy Stranger Things Season 4’ he added.

Earlier, the creator of South Korean Drama, Hwang Dong-Hyuk, hinted that the hit series would return for a second season. ‘Squid game’ is a long-shot show. It’s the bigger TV of Netflix, and it’s based on Streamer’s calculation. In the first 28 days after the release of Squid Games Season 1 the show got approx 1.65 billion hours subscribers.

Squid Game Season 2
Squid Game Season 2

As per sources, Netflix paid $21.4 million to acquire the first season of the ‘Squid game.’ The confidential internet data leaked by Bloomberg reveals that the season is expected to deliver $891 million as ‘impact value.’

Squid Games Season 2 Plot

In season 1, 456 cash-strapped contestants are invited by a mysterious organization. The contestants are invited to compete in children’s games with deadly results. Gi-hun and Cho Sang-woo are the finalists and Cho Sang-woo kills himself by stabbing in the neck and makes Gi-hun the ultimate winner.

Just like people bet on horses, Squid Games is also a game where rich people bets for entertainment. Also, we saw winner Gi-hun was dropped off at an unknown location and went home to see his mother. 

He received a rose with black and pick ribbon wrapped envelope talking about Dec 25, 11.30 PM. The letter that Gi-hun received comes from Sky building, 7th floor from your Ganbu, inside.

Possibly, player 001 is Ganbu, who Gi-hun considers killed in the game’. So, the second season might take this story forward.

Squid Games Season 2 Release Date

Now that the second season of Squid Games is confirmed, the first question that might pop into your mind is when is Squid Games 2 releasing? 

Netflix’s Squid Game first informed us in 2019. After that, it took 2 years for the filming and production. So, we can anticipate that the second season will not be released until 2023 (or even 2024). 

Queen of South Season 6

Squid Games Season 2 Cast

Many fans speculated that Kang Saebyeok would have survived for season 2. But, Jung Hoyeon has addressed those theories about season 2. 

In a YouTube video, she debunked the theories. She shot down rumors about her character’s survival at the end of the first season. She wishes that her character would have saved herself, but she is happy. Kang also joked about the twin sister character that she is playing in the series.

Moreover, we can see the return of the character of Wi Ha-Jun who plays detective Hwang Jun-ho. Fans might recall that the character of the detective spends most of their time hunting his missing brother and working behind the scenes of the game. 

Squid Games Season 2 Trailer

As per sources, a second season is in the works now. So, it’s not right to assume that the trailer Squid Game second 2 is ready.


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