Netflix Mindy Kaling Comedy Never Have I Ever Season 3 Release Date this Summer

Would you have imagined that a coming-to-age romantic comedy movie would make such a great impact in the Netflix top 10 lists of over 70 countries? Never Have I Ever is an incredible romantic comedy series where Devi’s confusion towards Ben and Paxton drives her crazy and pushes her to choose between the two.

Back in my college days, I would watch the love triangle series and felt good about the way the story would end. Never Have I Ever Season 3 has proved that budding relationship stories can make their mark on a platform like Netflix.

Netflix didn’t wait for two releases the dent and announced the renewal of Never Have I Ever Season.

Never Have I ever Season 3 Release Date is destined to drop soon and will be available for the viewers to watch.

Never Have I Ever backed a stunning watch time between July 11 and August 1, 2021. The watch time was around a 132.14million watch hours. So the estimated time that the team can predict for the release of season 3 is around late 2022.

The Pentaverate Release Date

The previous seasons of Never Have I Ever arrived between April and July; through our investigation, the closest guess for Never Have I Ever Season 3 Release Date would be Between September-October 2022.

Which cast will be playing along?

Several queries have arisen after the Renewal of Never Have I Ever Season 3. However, Netflix and the production of the series have made sure that the starring character will continue in the show.

Here are the names of the character that will continue on the show: Devi Vishwakumar, Nalini Vishwakumar, Paxton Hall-Yoshida, John McEnroe/Narrator, Trent Harrison, Ben Gross, Kamala, Fabiola Torris, Eleanor Wong, Eve, Aneesa & Dr. Chris Jackson.

Geeta’s role is added to the show; she plays a south Asian character that will serve as the best friend of Nirmala.

I’m sure you would not want to wait for the season to drop, but trust that the longer you wait, the more you will appreciate when it will finally arrive. I’m sure that this statement by Mindy Kaling will make you wanna wait no more, but I have to tell, and here it goes: “I’ve watched enough romantic comedies that it’s not interesting unless it’s constantly shifting and changing. Having the lead characters be happy in love is not super interesting. It’s more suspenseful that we don’t know.”

An absolute pattern change from any other romantic comedy ‘Never Have I Ever’ has been. So, according to Mindy Kaling’s statement, we can presume that Never Have I Ever Season 3 would be a hell of a ride!

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