Operation Mincemeat Release Date, Trailer, Cast 2022

Upcoming new war drama in the United Kingdom based on Operation Mincemeat occurred in 1943 in Spain to invade Sicily. This historical war film for the British was known as one of the victorious battles using tactical deception. 

Warner Bros International produced the film, and it is based on the book written by Ben Macintyre by the same name called “Operation Mincemeat.”

The Director “John Philip Madden” known for his Oscar-winning movies such as ‘Shakespeare in Love’ is a romantic comedy released by May 2019 to audiences. He is also famous for directing ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ in 2011 in a comedy-drama genre. 

According to the book ‘The Man Who Never Was’ written by Screenwriter Ewen Montagu in a 1956 British movie, Michelle Ashford had taken the main role of a screenwriter of the script and reinfused it in the film.

Operation Mincemeat Release Date 2022

After the Comment by Netflix on Twitter regarding the Movie ‘Coming Soon.’ Operation Mincemeat release date is 22 April 2022 in the United Kingdom and other parts of European countries. It was originally set to release from 07 January to April, but there was no special reason for the delay. The movie can also be postponed due to a hike in Omicron cases in European Countries.

Operation Mincemeat Plot 


  • The British military deception and winning against Spain and Germany were recorded in history forever. It is the true story of two people who planned meticulously to secure Sicily by tricking Adolf Hitler. The deceiving plan was plotted by Even Montagu and Charles Cholmondeley of Allied Forces.
  • This course took place in the Second World War when Spain and Germany were allied. The Germans protected Greece, Sardinia, and Sicily with their military force. Later after the false discovery of a corpse and secret documents sent to German officers, Hitler fell into the trap and shifted the greater military force in Sicily to Greece and Sardinia.
  • Taking a chance with lack of reinforcement in Sicily, Allied forces conquered Sicily easily with no major casualties. The operation became successful, which is also known as Operation Barley.

Operation Mincemeat Cast


  • Colin Firth is cast as Ewen Montagu, the author of the Book “The Man Who Never Was” and was depicted in a British Movie in 1956 with the same name as the title. Colin Firth is popular for his role in “The King’s Speech” in 2010, an Academy Film Award Winner. Colin Firth also played vital roles in Military officer characters to cast a major role as Ewen Montagu as a real-life figure of Naval Intelligence in history.
  • Matthew Macfadyen will play the main character of Charles Cholmondeley, who worked in Security Service MI5 and was a Royal Air Force Lieutenant. He works with Ewen Montagu with a plan to conquer Sicily.
  • Ian Fleming, a spy and an author of the James Bond popular series, worked as a Naval Intelligence officer. He plays the role of Johnny Flynn.
  • Roger Dearborn as Lorne MacFadyen. 
  • John Henry Godfery is an Officer in the Royal Indian Navy whose role is given to Jason Isaacs.
  • Penelope Wilton as Hester Leggett is going to be cast.
  • Iris Montagu(Hattie Morahan), Winston Churchill (Simon Russell Beale), Bentley Purchase (Paul Ritter), Ivor Montagu (Mark Gatiss),  David Ainsworth (Nicholas Rowe), Karl Kuhlenthal (Alexander Beyer), and Doris Michael (Gabrielle Creevy) are all the side characters of the movie. 
  • The Actor who plays the role of Adolf Hitler is yet to be known.

    Operation Mincemeat Release
    Operation Mincemeat Release

Operation Mincemeat Trailer 2022

  • The Official Trailer is Unleashed on Warner Bros. UK and Ireland YouTube channel on 05 October 2021. The trailer shows a Tactical deception strategy performed by Allied forces to convince Hitler that they were targeting other areas, not Sicily.
  • The start of the trailer shows that five thousand soldiers will invade the Southern part of Spain, which is the Huelva seashore. Confirmation that Hitler knows British plans regarding Sicily, they discuss to play a trick on Nazy Germany and Spain.
  • They began plotting by the false target is Greece and involving Spain, an allied nation to Nazi. They knew any news regarding Britain would easily reach the ears of Hitler. They arrange a Corpse of a dead man acting as a soldier with several documents invading Greece, Sardinia, and the Balkans.
  • They successfully conquered Sicily with silly tricks and ease, with very few casualties.

Operation Mincemeat Storyline


  • Nazy Germany has allied with Spain after Hilter captured Greece and protected Sardinia, Greece, and Sicily. But having a large reinforcement in Sicily, the allied forces plot a Meticulous plan to convince Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini of the Italian National Fascist Party that the target has changed to Greece and Sardinia.
  • Admiral John Godfrey, the Director of Naval Intelligence, wrote the plan of wartime deception to trick the enemy. The very trout Memo is originally written by Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond Series and spies in real life, but unfortunately, credit is taken by John Godfrey. This Trout memo inspired Charles Cholmondeley and conceived a plan with Ewen Montagu.
  • Tricking by faking a dead man’s corpse of a welsh man who was homeless on London’s streets after his parent’s funeral. He killed himself with rat poison named Glyndwr Michael. After finding a corpse, Charles and Ewen create a fake identity of a soldier named William Martin of the Royal Marines, also depicted in the book ‘The Man Who Never Was’ by Ewen Montagu.
  • He dressed up as a British naval officer with chained and attached documents in a suitcase like identity proof, the photo, and several love letters of his fiance and passed from a nightclub in London. They planned to dump the body by Blasting HMS Seraph twice rather than throwing it off the plane to avoid being suspicious. He washed off the shore and was caught by a Spanish fisherman. Perfectly keeping a soldier’s identity intact, they kept military documents consisting of plans to invade the Balkans, Greece, and Sardinia.
  • A letter was sent to British General Harold Alexander from British general officer Archibald Nye, specifically stating that to invade Greece and not Sicily. The letters also confirmed that German reinforcements are strengthening the defence of the military and getting stronger to attack Greece.
  • There were similar letters to deceive Spanish officers into believing that the British were taking action. Without any further detail of autopsy results and just with identity check, they sent the briefcase documents and letter to Germans when Hilter shifted the position of reinforcements and military to Greece and Sardinia.
  • The British confirmed the recent activities of the Nazis from their detectives and moved along with the plan. Knowing that lack of defence in Sicily, Britain successfully captured and won the war against Hilter and Mussolini, known as ‘Operation Mincemeat”.

Operation Mincemeat Spoilers 


  • The movie Operation Mincemeat is entirely based on true, real-life British military events. It is a well-known subject reflecting the history of the United Kingdom. Two officers who served allied forces issued the operation and planned to win Sicily by deception and not force or war.
  • Thus, there are no spoilers but true Extraordinary history recorded while operating. The movie is a well-planned trick to play on Hilter of Nazy Germany, who is known for his dictatorship and hating personality by many people worldwide. There are no spoilers; hence all the story is already written and published on search engines.

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The Conclusion

Successfully executing the plan and defeating a humiliating Dictator like Hilter is an extraordinary operation conducted by two officers. The film will be very interesting and make the audience understand British Imperial History recorded by true-life events that shook Italy and Nazy Germany.


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  1. A commemorative plaque was installed in November 2021 on the mortuary wall in Hackney (St John’s churchyard) where the body of Glyndower Michael was prepared, by local historian Martin Sugarman (AJEX Jewish War Veterans) and donor Jerry Klinger, of the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation. For photo of the plaque, google Operation Mincemeat or Ewen Montague


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