Pieces of Her Release Date, Cast, Trailer

The viewers are awaiting another release of the thriller drama Pieces of her. The series is adapted from the novel having the same title written by Karin Slaughter. All eight episodes of the first season will have a duration of one hour.

 The first season was already in the pre-production stage before the lockdown. The rescheduling of the same went to August 2020, and the production finally continued in January 2021 after some more delay. 

The series would show the change of perception of a young woman about her mother due to the afternoon outing turning into a shockingly violent one. The novel itself is among the best selling by the author.

Pieces of Her
Pieces of Her

Pieces of Her Release Date

Pieces of her premiere date have been set to 4 March 2022, as confirmed by the official trailer. In an interview, the show makers have told that the show is set to release in February, but due to covid-19, they have stopped the filming for a while. Anyway, the good news is that the show will soon air on Netflix.

Pieces of Her Cast

The three main characters of the Pieces of Her have been confirmed, and those are the lead roles. Here are the complete Pieces of Her Cast:-

  • Toni Collette will play Laura Oliver, the mother with mysterious past life.
  • Bella Heathcote will play the role of Andy Oliver, who is Laura’s daughter.
  • Peter Jackson plays the character Jasper Queller. He is a man from Laura’s secret past life.
  • Terry O’Quinn will play the role of Jasper’s father, who is a billionaire.
  • Jessica Barden and Calum Worthy will play the role of Jane and Andrew Queller, who are siblings of Jasper.
  • Joe Dempsie plays Nick, who is Andrew’s friend.
  • Jacob Scipio plays the role of Michael Vargas, who kept following Andy Oliver.
  • Omari Hardwick as Gordon Oliver, Genevieve Hegney as Paula Kunde, and Damien Strouthous play the character of the music store owner.

Well, the list of Pieces of Her cast is quite long. However, these are some of the star cast which play a crucial role in the TV series.

Pieces of Her Premiere Date

Pieces of Her premiere date has been set to 4 March 2022 on Netflix. The series has been much awaited among the audience, and people are excited to know what Netflix brought to them.

Pieces of Her Trailer

The official trailer of the TV show has been released on YouTube under the official channel of Netflix. The video starts with a young girl running her hands inside a case containing numerous tapes. She takes out one inserts it in the player. The screen of the TV shows a woman playing the piano. 

A voice in the background says that you may think that you know someone in every possible way, but you realize one day that you had wrong thinking. In the following scenes, the mother of that girl tells her to leave asks her not to contact anyone. She says to her daughter that certain things are there that she cannot understand. 

The girl states in the upcoming scenes mentioning her mother that every time she thinks she’s closer to understanding her mother, everything goes in vain. While approaching the ending, the scene shows the girl asking her mother about the truth. The show’s title is mentioned in the end, along with the platform where it would be released and the date. 

Pieces of Her Storyline

Pieces of Her on Netflix is a story about a girl named Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcote) living a peaceful and happy life with her mother Laura (Toni Collette). The latter has shown to be a perfect example of a Southern woman that has dedication towards her profession and a never-ending affection towards her daughter.

According to Andy, she had a great life residing in a small town located on the beachside of Belle Isle beneath the love and care of her mother. Andy seemed to know every single thing about Laura.

For her, Laura was an open book with no secrets. However, all the beliefs Andy had about her mother shattered the day they planned an outing in a mall, and there Andy saw her mother being completely different.

Laura has been hiding her real identity, and even after innocence is at stake, she refuses to reveal the truth to anyone, not even her daughter, which leads Andy to find out who her mother was to save her.

The Conclusion

Abundant with twists and turns, enclosing a number of secrets, Pieces of Her is listed in the ‘Must Watch’ section of many sites. Audiences are waiting for the show to get released so that the truth about Laura and her actions are revealed before them.

Are you excited about the Pieces of Her show?

Well, we are hyped for the show and waiting for the release. If you are eagerly waiting for the show, let us know in the comment section. You can bookmark this page for further updates and news regarding the Pieces of Her TV Series.

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