Power Book IV Force Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot

As the name indicates, Power Book is a spin-off of the popular television series “Power.” Power Book IV: Force is again a sequel of the spin-off series. The track is known to focus on Tommy Egan. It will show everything that happened in his life after all the happenings of this series’ first season, “Power Book II: Ghost.”

Power Book IV Force is one of the most awaited series though Power Book III has no information yet. Power is an American Television series of the “crime” genre. The series was created as well as produced by Courtney Kemp and Curtis. Curtis is a rapper by profession. The series debuted on Starz Network on 7th June 2014 and comprised six seasons.

Power revolved around James St. Patrick’s life. He owns a famous and prosperous nightclub, and he has all he needs in life; he thinks big and dreams big. 

Despite everything, Patrick lives another life with the nickname of Ghost as a harsh drug mafia. However, he attempts to flee from the criminal world, searching for his real life in New York City (NYC).

Power Book IV Force
Power Book IV Force

 The series “Power” produced a spin-off known as ” Power Book II: Ghost.” The spin-off’s first season revolves around Tariq, who explores a better life. He tries to come up distinctly and wants to leave his father’s estate and his dazzling identity. He rises and overcomes it to protect his family. 

Power Book II: Ghost also was a thrilling drama to some extent. The series was aired on 6th September 2020 at a different time before it shifted to its given time slot. It followed the allotted time slot from 13th September 2020. However, the five series that led to an end had premiered on 6th December 2020. 

The “Power Book II: Ghost” was again revived for its another sequel or, in other words, its second spin-off. Power Book III’s second spin-off: Raising Kanan, aired on 18th July 2022.

However, the second spinoff is again a prequel of the first spin-off. The prequel’s storyline is based on the time of 1990. The series will showcase the early life of Kanan Stark.

Is the Power Book IV Force Trailer out? 

To impress the fans once again, and as a part of an official glimpse of one of the most awaited series of 2022, Starz production has released a trailer after the official teaser. Initially, the teaser did not give much information apart from the Power Book IV Force Release Date that was most awaited. Power Book III: Release Date is just revealed by sources and not officially, but Power Book IV will be released on 6th February 2022.

Talking about the Power Book IV Force Trailer, this sequel is going to meet the fans’ expectations or, frankly speaking, will exceed them. Trailers are hardly a minute long, but Tommy was seen in it. He was driving his not-so-popular “Blue 1960s Mustang” in an unknown location in Chicago. 

In the opening scene, Tommy drives his notorious blue 1960SR Mustang in Chicago, confessing his crime. It will not be wrong to say that the trailer implied a new beginning for the aggressive and bold criminal moving from New York. Another scene showcased him where he was warned not to flee to Chicago. Despite the fact, he lived back, and as expected, he once again is seen living his old criminal lifestyle.

The Power Factor IV Force is said to release next year, and fans cannot dim their light of excitement. As per the sources, you shall probably see up to ten episodes of Tommy showcasing several emotions like guilt, grief, confusion, anger, loneliness in this crime thriller drama series. You will see Tommy in his aggressive avatar on your devices. 

It is again confusing whether this series will cross its path with the prequel of Power’s first spin-off or not. If the prequel releases along, it might happen as both the series will be set in the same era but not the same city.

It becomes interesting to know how fans reacted to the series trailer! You all must be aware of Sikora’s love as Tommy from the Power series itself, released in 2014. After the finale of the Power series, fans were anxiously waiting for Sikora’s debut, especially Tommy.

Fortunately, everyone’s excitement is up, and our boredom will soon be down, with Sikora’s comeback in the sequel of Power Book II: Force. Since the official trailer was released on YouTube, fans have been overwhelmed. They cannot control their emotions and have fired the YouTube comments section with many positive comments. Visit the trailer’s comment section to check them all! I can analyze well that fans have showered their love and admired Sikora greatly for his role. Even the Power Book IV: Force Storyline seems to have impressed the audiences.

Power Book IV Force Plot


Power Book IV: Force’s plot showcases once on the series’ initial character, Sikora, who will be seen as ” Tommy Egan.” He will depart from New York and plans to move to Chicago. 

However, it is said that before he moves, he will already be warned by a character that Chicago won’t be the correct destination for him.

As the sources revealed, Tommy would flee from New York City after he loses his “Ghost” life and the only city with the one he was familiar with. He begins an alternative route to get rid of something that has been troubling him for a long time.

However, to him, what seemed like a small part of life, actually happens to be a confidential mishap of family lies and mysteries. He is stunned to know about them as he initially thought everything was hidden from him.

As Tommy unleashes the tale of mysteries, more stories open up as he solves one tale of mystery. The misfortune is where Tommy finds himself again in Chicago’s drug cartel. Here, he ends up again between the city’s two huge crews. 

Chicago is a city that follows racial discrimination. Tommy sets the boundary and becomes the backbone uniting the races. He also withstands the strength of those who see their downfall.

Moreover, he will also be seen as availing benefits of his outsider status, and he wipes out all the local rules of Chicago. He then rewrites the rules and becomes one of Chicago’s most prominent drug dealers.

Power Book IV: Force Cast


We have received another update of the cast of the series, so refer to them below:


  • Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan
  • Lucien Cambric as Darnell McDowell
  • John West Jr.as Cage Dean
  • Phil Donlon as Simon McDougal
  • Tommy Flanagan as Water Flynn
  • Anthony Fleming as JP Gibbs
  • Shane Harper as Vic Flynn
  • Jason Hurt as Mario
  • Issac Keys as Diamond
  • Garbrielle Ryan as Gloria
  • Chris D. Lofton as Jenard Sampson
  • Lili Simmons as Claudia Flynn


The Power Book IV: Force has a massive star cast, and you can expect many good things from the show. Let’s move and check out some of the views from Joseph Sikora. 

What are Joseph Sikora’s views on Power Book IV: Force?


The star actor of the upcoming series conveyed his impressions and thoughts about the show. As per him, he considers it as the ideal follow-up of the parent series that has grabbed many eyeballs. 

He termed it as ‘Good’ to Entertainment Weekly, and he believes that the audience will very much like the show. As per him, this would take up all the aspects of Tommy’s building. He concluded that it is not about serving but also about making it flourish and live. 

Joseph Sikora attended the “48th NAACP image awards.” The event was held in Pasadena, California. 

Sikora also expressed his excitement to reprise his role. He shared that Tommy has many powerful and secret skills and knowledge. His character in the series is intense, challenging, and resilient, and there are various unexplored aspects of his personality that are still left for the fans to discover. 

Finally, he shared some exciting hints about fans who want to discover his character in the upcoming series.

The Conclusion

With the official teaser release, it has been confirmed that the television series will premier from 6th February 2022 onwards. The season hasn’t been released yet, but the fans’ happiness from the trailer clears that the season will add another feather to the cap of the “Power series.” 

Moreover, Sikora’s return as Tommy is like a dream come true for millions of fans. Again, witnessing another journey of Tommy’s criminal aspects and analyzing his personality from all perspectives seems like a blessing for Sikora’s and the series’ fans.


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