Prison Break Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Storyline

Siblings are the most beautiful gift of God. One who helps us stand strong and stay with us throughout our life.

One such series about sibling love was released a few years back. Do you know which series I am talking about??? Well, it’s the most famous and interesting thriller and crime show of all time – Prison break!!! The show holds an IMDb rating of 8.4/10 and gained huge popularity among the 90s generation.

Prison break is an American Serial drama television series. Paul Scheuring created the show. It was first released on August 29, 2005, on FOX TV, was aired till May 15, 2009, and consisted of 4 Seasons in the total tenure. It then announced a revival in January 2016, and season 5 of Prison Break was released on April 4, 2017. But the question now is will we have a revival again? Will he get to see Prison Break season 6?

In August 2019, FOX announced that season 6 was in early development but further announced it to be canceled. In this article, we will try to uncover all the information regarding the Prison Break Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and more.

Prison Break Season 6 Release Date

Fox did come up with news of a revival of the series in 2019, But later called it postponed indefinitely. We can assume the reason is the covid 19 pandemic, but there can be another side.

So we can conclude that the Prison Break Season 6 Release Date is yet not confirmed. Unfortunately, neither do we have any official information or announcement regarding the same. We can hope that the makers consider the number of love fans have given to the show and release season 6 for maintaining the hype of the show before it completely dies off.

Prison Break Season 6 Cast

According to the last news we had about casts of prison break 6, Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield said he wouldn’t be returning in season 6 of the series. And he gave the reason that he is openly gay and doesn’t want to play straight characters on-screen. In addition, Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows also said that he wouldn’t be returning to Season 6 to support the decision of his on-screen sibling and Co-star Miller.

We can still expect the following stars as the Cast of season 6 of Prison Break:–

  • Instead of all the news that came online about Michael Scofield and Wentworth Miller (playing the role of siblings), we can expect them in season 6 because the siblings play the lead role in the series. 
  • Rockmond Dunbar as C- note one of the prison inmates who were part of the escape team.
  • Robert Kemper as T-bag was present in all 5 seasons. He plays the character of a cunning, violent, and manipulative psychopath. He was part of the escape team of the prison.
  • Amuary Naolasco as Sucre 
  • Inbar Lavi as Sheba, the leader of a resistance against ISIL, appeared in season 5 of the show.
  • Augustus Prew, as David “whip” Martin, appeared in season 5 as Michael’s cellmate and T-bag’s Illegitimate son. 
  • Sarah Wayne Callies plays the role of Sara Tancredi -Scofield.

Prison Break Season 6 Trailer

There is no official statement or announcement on the season 6 release. So we do not have any trailer for season 6 prison break yet. But we can assume to have a teaser or trailer released soon. So we can assume a continuation of what happened in season 5 and a better closure to the series.

We can assure you that Season 6 of Prison Break will be filled with more adventure, mystery, and thriller.

Prison Break Season 6 Storyline

The storyline of Prison Break season 6 is about two brothers Michael Scofield and Wentworth miller. Wentworth Miller was falsely accused and given the death sentence due to political games.

The story took a turn when his brother Michael Scofield made a master plan to rescue his brother from this dirty political game and prove him innocent. Many twists, turns, and adventures from their escape take place throughout the series. 

The last revival, season 5 of 2016, has given the brothers a happy ending, but the story still revolves around politics, government conspiracies, etc.

PB Season 6 Premiere Date

Prison Break Season 6

There is no official update on the Premiere Date of Prison Break 6. But we can keep hoping to have a piece of news soon.

Prison Break Renewal Status

There was a notification on the renewal of the series in 2019, but later, FOX television postponed it indefinitely.

The Conclusion

This series is filled with adventure, thrill, mystery, and smart crime moves. In addition, it talks about brotherhood and love shared between siblings. Thus, this show mixes all kinds of emotions and is quite different from other shows.

If you haven’t watched it yet, then see it before season 6 of prison break releases. You can easily find the show on the popular OTT platform, Hotstar. Till then, Stay tuned for more updates on Prison break season 6.

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