Quantico Season 3 Release Date, Cast and More

Quantico Season 3 was the 3rd and final part of the thriller Drama from America. The series was based on and around the CIA Agent Alex Parrish with many actions, emotions, and thrills. Although Quantico Season 3 was not received well by critics and the public as the previous 2 seasons, it was still a success.

Quantico Season 3 Release Date

ABC Studios produced the series, and Quantico Season 3 Release date was April 18, 2018, and it ended on August 3, 2018. The delay was caused after the show was canceled after 3 episodes by ABC Studios but was later aired back again. The final season only consisted of 13 Episodes, while the previous 2 seasons were both 22 Episodes long each.  

Quantico Cast

The cast of Quantico Season 3 kept all of our Favourite lead actors and introduced us to a lot more recurring and guest characters. Here is a list of the  Quantico Season 3 Cast.

Main character of Quantico

  • Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish
  • Jake McLaughlin as Ryan Booth
  • Johanna Braddy as Shelby Wyatt of Booth
  • Russell Tovey as Harry Doyle
  • Blair Underwood as Owen Hall
  • Marlee Matlin as Jocelyn Turner
  • Alan Powell as Mike McQuigg

Recurring character of Quantico

  • Amber Skye Noyes as Celine Fox
  • Vandit Bhatt as Jagdeep Patel
  • Timothy V. Murphy as Conor Devlin
  • Laura Campbell as Fiona Quinn
  • Lilly Englert as Maisie Doyle
  • Andrea Bosca as Andrea
  • Emma Gia Celotto Signirini as Isabella

Guest character of Quantico

  • Jay Armstrong Johnson as Will Olsen
  • Jayne Houdyshell as The Widow
  • Nathan Darrow as Felix Pillay
  • Jamie Jackson as Gavin Pillay
  • Ana Khaja as Sita Parrish
  • Erik Jensen as Damon Grosch
  • Chris McKinney as Larry Reese
  • Frances Turner as Chelsea Lee
  • Peter Rini as Joel Akers
  • Omar Maskati as Khaled
  • Alexander Sokovikov as Dmitri Ivanov
  • Piter Marek as Ali
  • Lara Wolf as Nora
  • Chuk Iwuji as Dante
  • Donald Paul as Leon Riggs
  • Brayson Peter Isaya as Bray Bill Broonzy


Quantico Season 3 Trailer

The Official trailer of Quantico Season 3 was released on April 6, 2018, which showed that our lead, Alex Parrish ( Priyanka Chopra ), is living undercover while maintaining her role as an FBI agent.

Quantico Season 3 Storyline

The storyline for Quantico Season 3 is placed three years after the situation of the Constitutional Convention. Ex CIA agent Alex Parrish had to escape away from the United States to avoid detention and arrest by the police. 

After disappearing and living a double life secretly for more than 3 years, Alex Parrish has to return to her old work line of being an FBI Agent after a dramatic turn of events reveal that shelby has been taken away by a Notorious Arms Mafia.

Which leads to a new mission for Alex along with Ryan and their new partners Owen and Harry to rescue shebly from the Arms Mafia before it is too late. 

Quantico Renewal Status

Quantico Season 3
Quantico Season 3

Unfortunately for Quantico fans, The renewal Updates for the Quantico series as Season 4 are negative. After the somewhat poor reception of Season 3, the production clarified that this was the final season for the Series and that they do not wish to make any further seasons for Quantico. 

The Conclusion

Quantico Season 3 was a mix of action, thriller, and drama that the show is famous for, but the story for season 3 seems to have received a more mixed review from the people. So, unfortunately, the action-filled story of the CIA agent comes to an end with season 3, and there are no further updates regarding a new season or a spinoff by ABC studios. But if anything comes up, you can find it right here.

Did you watch the previous season of Quantico? Let us hear from you what you like about the show. Also, you can bookmark this page for regular updates and news regarding the Quantico Premiere Date.

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