R Kelly Net Worth

R. Kelly, a singer-songwriter who was born Robert Sylvester Kelly on January 8, 1967, in Chicago, Illinois, has had significant success on both the mainstream and R&B music charts. His legal issues have also made news.

Kelly was raised in a Chicago case design by his single mother and started to sing in his church’s choir while he was a youngster. R. Kelly is a vocalist, performer, and musician enthusiast from the United States. R Kelly’s net worth is a whopping $2 million.

Kelly’s net worth was reported to be in the millions of dollars, maybe as high as $100 million, at the height of his fame. Kelly told a court in April 2020 that he owed the IRS over $1.9 million as he was appealing his jail sentence.

R Kelly Personal Information

  • Full Name:  Robert Sylvester Kelly
  • Age:   55 years
  • Height:   6.0ft
  • Date of Birth:  08 January, 1967
  • Place of Birth:  Chicago USA
  • Net worth:  Negative $2 millions
  • Zodiac Sign:  Scorpio
  • Nationality:  USA

R Kelly’s Net Worth

R Kelly net worth is estimated to be minus $ 2 million, as previously indicated. If R. Kelly hadn’t been embroiled in any legal difficulties, his net worth may have easily topped $50-100 million. Kelly is known to have spent millions of dollars to allegedly settle hundreds of instances in which women claimed Kelly had damaged them.

According to records disclosed in 2012, Kelly owes $5 million in overdue levies dating back seven years. Following underpaying more than $30,000 in unpaid rent & fees, he got ejected from two Atlanta-area residences in 2018.

Other Achievements of R Kelly

  • In 1995, the Guinness Book of Records dubbed his song “You Are Not Alone” the “Debut at No 1 on the US Album Chart.”
  • R. Kelly is up for three Grammy Awards, including Stylish Manly R&B Oral Performance, Stylish R&B Song, and Other Visual Media.
  • In 2000 and 2005, he got the ‘American Music Award ‘for ‘Favorite Soul/ R&B Manly Artist.’

R Kelly’s Quick Facts

  • Robert Sylvester Kelly is born on the Southside on January 8, 1967.
  • He dropped out of high school to pursue his ambition of becoming a subway musician.
  • He received his big break when he earned a $100,000 prize on the TV talent contest Big Break.
  • In 1991, Kelly as well as his band Public Announcements joined with Jive Records, and in 1993, they released “Born into the 90s,” a new album.

R Kelly’s Background

R. Kelly was born in Chicago on January 8, 1967,. Joanna, his mother, reared him and his three siblings in the Baptist church, where she sang in the chorus as the lead vocalist.

He had a rough upbringing since he was sexually molested by a lady frequently. In his 2012 book, ‘Soul coaster,’ he detailed his trauma and explained why he had never informed anybody about it.

He used to have an untreated problem situation that made reading and writing difficult for him.


This concludes our discussion on R Kelly’s net worth. He has a net worth of negative $2 million. R. Kelly is an American musician who is better known to his fans as Robert Sylvester Kelly. He is among the best-selling recording artists in the US; he is one of the top successful R&B male singers of the 1990s.


What is R. Kelly’s estimated net worth in 2022?

R Kelly has net worth of $-2 million as of 2022.

What sort of surgery did R. Kelly have?

R&B singer R. Kelly is recuperating in Chicago after emergency throat surgery. The musician from the United States was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital with acute discomfort earlier this week.

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