Raising Dion Season 3 Release Date Confirmation?

“Raising Dion” is an American Sci-fi drama and a television series released by the original network of Netflix. It was created by Carol Barbee and based on a comic book (2015) that Dennis Liu wrote. A Netflix Orginal series based on a single mom who lost her husband and took care of her son alone and discovers that he is born with supernatural abilities. 

Raising Dion Season 3 Release Date

Netflix renewed the series for the second season in January 2020, and the release date has scheduled to air on 01 February 2022 in the United Kingdom. The release date of Raising Dion Season 3 might be next year in 2023 by the end. The series will premiere in the United States and be available in English. Armando Salas Peter Flinckenberg carries out the cinematography of the film. 

The movie’s executive producers are Robert F. Philips, Juanita Diana Feeney, and Edward Ricourt. The Production companies contributing to the Raising Dion Film are Cinesite, MACRO, and Outlier Society Productions. This movie is solely based on Science fiction in which a small boy can use mighty powers, and his mom tries to keep him safe. 

The series’ principal photography began in late July 2018 in some Georgia villages and towns, including Chattahoochee Hills and Fairburn. In August 2018, shooting proceeded in the exact locations and Midtown Atlanta at the Fox Theatre. The audience can find information and many details on the official film site on Instagram and Facebook.

Raising Dion Season 3
Raising Dion Season 3

Netflix recently announced that the production had received a straight-to-series offer for a nine-episode for the first season on 05 October 2017. The Netflix series was then released on 04 October 2019. Thus, reported the news that the second season would continue by Netflix, which renewed with eight episodes. 

The music crew that contributed to this film’s making is Kris Bowers. The film’s production has done by Fixed mark Production and officially released by Streaming site Netflix. Jason Piperberg illustrates the book. Dennis Liu also made a short film based on his comic book. Carol Barbee, the producer again for the series, adapted a screenplay from a short movie and comic.

The story revolves around Nicole, a mother who raises her son Dion when her husband mark dies. Soon, Dion started to display many superhero powers, it becomes quite challenging for a single mum to raise a child.

When is Raising Dion Season 3 Coming Out

When Nicole knows about the superhero talents of her child, she starts hiding them from the world with her husband’s best friend Pat. She protected Dion so that no one can take advantage of her son.

Each episode of the show is 50 Minutes running time and is available on Netflix. This adventure television series started in the year 2019 and has an IMDb rating of 7.5/10. The release date of Second was officially confirmed on February 01, 2022. Raising Dion Season 3 can begin its shooting very soon, and the released date will be near 2023 at the end of December.

Raising Dion Season 3 Status

The movie shows the audience how much parents love their children and wants to protect them. Even the parents get harmed, they tend to have a protective side while facing the children’s problems and hidden emotions.

The audience will probably love to see the movie on Netflix. Raising Dion Season 3 might be possible to see in the upcoming days. Raising Dion Season 3 production might have already begun in the United States. It is possible to have a release date near 2023. 


The Conclusion 


The movie has shown the perfect harmonious relationship of a Son and mother. The loving characters depicted the struggles of a widowed mom raising her son Dion without any help from the outside world or any man figure. She soon gets to know the supernatural powers in her son’s body. 

After trying to raise generally like any other human child, she wants to protect her child and hides the fact from the world. The mom has shown in the movie that her love for the son goes beyond measures, and she accepts her son’s new unique powers.

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  1. Actually most of the episodes run times varies at around 44mins only 2 episodes ran at 50mins while some ran at 38mins. Netflix has a bad habit
    with each new season making the episode order shorter, that’s a turn off for me. Even the run times. Personally they should stick to 10 episodes and keep
    at that number. Also Netflix needs to bring in new seasons faster.

  2. i love this show very much and i demand they make a season 3 they cant end the show like that its to good besides with future dion it would be cool to see him team up with his younger self i wonder if he gos back in time to save or if its like doctor strange where it cant be reversed as the readers of this probably know i am a huge super hero fan please make a season 3 netflix

  3. I wish a season didn’t come out ever year and wish it was more episodes to a season. My kids, husband and I love this show

  4. I see so many different things about season 3. It’s canceled, then it’s, then it’s on again! Which is it???


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