Is Jane Austen’s Periodic drama Sanditon Season 3 is Confirmed?

March 22, 2022: Coming up after the long wait, the latest season of the drama series launched on Sunday, March 20 2022. The series was cancelled in 2019 by ITV Britain, ensuing an incomplete story. The show makers extended the story relating to the original Novel penned by Jane Austen Sanditon Season 3.

The show makers plan to bring the sanditon season 3, observing its vast popularity. As the latest season is released this Sunday, we can expect another season the following year, 2023.

Sanditon is a periodical drama television series that premiered on August 25, 2019, adapted from the Novel beautifully penned by Jane Austen under Red Planet Pictures production company. The series follows the venture of Charlotte Heywood, how she came into Sanditon and afterwards what takes place in her life; her struggles, success, and failures are beautifully framed in the 9 episode show.

“When I heard it wasn’t coming back, I was appalled.”

The news of the cancellation of the popular show Sanditon in 2019 by ITV shattered its audience. The fans from Britain started a movement on social media to bring back the television series.

“When I heard it wasn’t coming back, I was appalled, it was so well done, there was a group of incredible women, a great romance, and then, like the book, the story was unfinished at the end of the season. So come on!”- a fan named Leina Battiste, who participated in the movement from San Fransisco, said this statement.

The executive producer and manager of the show, Belinda Campbell once gave a statement regarding the show’s making with an incomplete script, “The exciting thing about having an unfinished Austen novel was that we could keep the story going, and we set out to do an ongoing series. But, unfortunately, we ended on the main love story not resolving because we hoped it would return.”

“We have done a lot of Austen adaptations – I knew our audiences would love ‘Sanditon’, and they did. As a result, we have reached 8 million people, had 4.5 million streams of the show, and attracted a much younger audience than we usually do, which is something we are always looking for.”

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10 thoughts on “Is Jane Austen’s Periodic drama Sanditon Season 3 is Confirmed?”

  1. I think Sandition is very well done. The cast are all exquisite and the story line is great. If they intend to end the series hope they end it with season 3.

  2. I love this series!! Please continue it. To season 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. Look at OUTLANDER. Going on for 10 or 11 years, now.

  3. I love Sanditon: can’t wait for season 3. Hope it continues with at least 6 seasons. I could have cried at the end of episode six. I hope some of this season characters return. Not to keen on Charlottes future husband. I hope her last beau comes back. (Kathleen Hodder)

  4. I loved this series! I hope there will be many more seasons! The Actors , Story, Costumes, and scenery is marvelous!

  5. Please, Please don’t leave me hanging from the cliff of romance once again. I just can’t bare it! Season 3 and beyond is in my mind a necessity!

  6. As a beloved fan of all Jane Austen’s works, I loved the 1st series, and with sadness knowing her reason for not being able to finish her book, I too longed for more. But I cannot say I am a fan of series 2; having read and studied Jane and her style of writing, I can tell that was not her story as it continued. I’ve studied history of that time as well, I was very disappointed to see modern day nuances played out in that time frame that would have never flew back in that day. Example; the little girl Leo, or Leonora. Ladies were brought up to be ladies with ZERO question even if one existed. Not being insensitive to today, that was its period regardless how one associated with either sex. How character Sidney was just “killed” off with no build up, no further tensions btwn her protagonist Miss Heywood and Sidney, or appearances made by his 2nd-timed widow who would have stuck around her husbands family for a bit. But if in fact Jane had written off her character so abruptly, there would have been more build towards it. Killing off characters quickly?! That wasn’t her style. I even picked up at the last episode with Alison Heywood’s proposal “A hundred thousand times yes!” was taken from Pride & Prejudice when Jane was proposed to by Charles Bingley with the exception of “a hundred…” thrown in front of the “thousand times yes…”. The suggested impropriety of Miss Lamb with Lockhart after the ordeal she went through in Jane’s original writing also seemed a stretch for a young lady in her time. The sugar protest?! Seriously?! Not to forget to mention the continued tolerance for Lady Dunhams scumbag nephew is also an aberrance of sorts that most families of wealth in those times would not continue to support or be associated with. He would have been cast out. I personally think Jane is groaning in her grave over this… I had higher expectations for where writers or hopeful Jane scholars would continue her story in her spirit and voice, not this over-stretched and tried story line to make the characters relatable to todays climate and standards. That’s why it’s a period piece; it’s to reflect the true nature of that time. Not modern day contaminations to confuse it with todays “improprieties”… More disappointed than impressed.

  7. Dear PBS—Jane Austin’s Sanditon has truly found its place among the library of greatest novel adaptations you have produced! I have been so amazed with the open pallet you started with and how it has evolved into excellence. The story line, setting, casting—ever detail has captured excellence and creativity. No one can compete with PBS. Truly best in class as usual. I can’t wait for more! Right up there with Mr Darcy⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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