Secret Invasion Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Secret Invasion
Secret Invasion

Great news for the people who are into the Marvel series and comics! Another mini Television series will be aired at Disney + named Secret Invasion, based on the comics by Marvel having the same title. Much news about the series has not been revealed yet. But it has been made specific that the plot covers all the events based on the comics.

The filming of the series has been said to be kicked off while there is an update that the entire show gets to climax in 6 episodes. The filming was started on 1 September 2021 in London, being a bit late as the schedule of starting the shoot was to begin from mid-August 2021. 

Regarding the number of characters that are too many in the comics, the crew is not looking forward to including all of them in the series. Instead, the whole show would be focusing on Jackson and Mendelsohn going through the paranoia elements present in the comics.

Secret Invasion Release Date

The Secret Invasion premiere date has not been decided yet. Although the filming of the series has already finished, there is no update regarding a final release date. However, speculations are being made that the release may occur by 2022.

Secret Invasion Cast

Secret Invasion will be a blockbuster, and here is the complete cast announced by makers.

  • Nick Fury is played by Samuel L. Jackson, the lead character of the Series.
  • Ben Mendelsohn will play the character of Talos, as seen in Captain Marvel.
  • Olivia Coleman is under talks to play the role; however, the character is still unnamed.

Kingsley Ben-Adir might play as the villain in the series. Emilia Clarke, Killian Scott, Christopher McDonald, and Carmen Ejogo are unnamed roles. Overall, the cast looks quite promising, and we are eagerly waiting for the makers to confirm the star cast.

Secret Invasion Trailer

The teaser has been released on YouTube and several other platforms as well. The teaser begins with the voice of a Skrull saying, ‘‘Where are we?” In the following scenes, it has been shown that an alert is spread among the people of that particular planet that Skrulls are there, and they start to kill them. Finally, that planet is shown being destroyed. 

Their leader is heard saying that their people have lived as refugees for a long time. The following scenes show two spaceships coming towards the earth. Finally, among Skrulls, a human-like organism is seen, and then the title of the series is displayed. The ending is marked with the display of the logo of Disney+ as it will release on Hotstar OTT.

The trailer has left suspense on what would be happening in the whole series and how the superheroes would figure out a way so that villains like these can stop the Invasion of the earth and everyone could be safe. 

Secret Invasion Storyline

As mentioned earlier, much detail has not been provided yet. However, it has been known that Marvel’s Secret Invasion would be focused on the character Skrulls, an evolved race of aliens also known as shape-shifting aliens that were introduced in the movie Captain Marvel initially in 2019.

Skrulls use their shape-shifting powers to pose as various superheroes belonging to Marvel. Skrulls have long been infiltrating earth, and superheroes have been finding possible solutions to deal with the ruckus he creates.

Talos and his allies would be trying to take over the earth due to losing their homeland. Skrulls would be seen disguising as Elektra, Black Bolt, Spiderwoman, and many more so that he could claim the earth as his.

The Conclusion

It has been great news for the fans of Marvel that another series featured by the production company will be out soon so that the audience can get that superhero to feel and dive into the world of fiction. But unfortunately, many of the actors’ roles have still not been revealed by the filming crew or the production houses.

Last time, Skull was seen in the movie Loki as well. According to the resorts, the main villain would be played by Ben-Adir while he would be portraying a newly created character for McDonald. Fury and Talos would be seen leading a huge team to defeat All the Skrulls existing on the earth.

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