Serena Williams Net Worth

Serena Jameka Williams is an American professional tennis player who competes across the world. When she started in Rick Macci’s tennis program at the age of three, her ability for the sport was recognized. Williams was also known for her unique playing style.

Thanks to their father, Serena and her older sister Venus Williams have been learning to play tennis since they were children. The sisters’ well-known signature style of play revolutionized the sport, and their sense of strength, flair, and presence separated them apart from the competition.

For more than a decade, Venus and Serena shared a house in Palm Beach Gardens. Serena won the family’s first Grand Slam title in 1999, defeating her sister Venus. In 2008, Serena and Venus teamed together to capture a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics.

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Serena Williams Information

  • Full Name: Serena Jameka Williams
  • Net Worth: $210 Million
  • Age: 39 years
  • Height: 5’9”
  • Born: September 26, 1981
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Source of Wealth: Professional Tennis Player

Serena Williams Net Worth

Serena Williams Net Worth is estimated to be $210 million as of August 2021. She is the world’s third-wealthiest tennis player, behind only Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Her net worth exceeds that of her spouse, who as of 2019 does have a net worth of $70 million.

S by Serena, a direct-to-consumer fashion company, was founded by her in 2018. She also owns 0.5 percent of the Miami Dolphins, according to research. In April 2021, Williams signed a first-look TV deal with Amazon Studios, which involves a docuseries on her.

She was one of the major investors in the NFT platform Bilski in a financing round announced in May 2021. Serena Williams’ life and ascent to tennis stardom, as well as those of her sister Venus, will be depicted in the film King Richard and Will Smith. Serena & Venus are rumored to make adult cameo cameos in the movie.

Other Achievements of Serena Williams

  • Williams has won 23 Grand Slam tournaments in her career, making her the all-time Grand Slam winner.
  • Throughout her career, Serena has accumulated a stunning $90 million in prize money. This is the most any female sportsman has ever received.
  • Serena Ventures, the company she started, has 20 business sponsors and has made 66 investments.
  • Serena has won the most Grand Slams, including Wimbledon and the Australian Open, which she has won seven times.
  • Williams won three matches at Roland Garros and endeared her to the Parisian fans by studying French.

Serena Williams Quick Facts

  • In her career, she has won 73 singles trophies, 23 doubles titles, and two mixed doubles titles. There are 39 Grand Slam championships in all, with 23 singles titles, 14 doubles titles, and two mixed doubles titles.
  • She has four Olympic gold medals to her credit.
  • She has made more money than any other female athlete in her career, with a total of $94.5 million.
  • Her sister, Venus Williams, a tennis star, is fifteen months her junior.
  • Through her charity foundation, she has assisted in the establishment of several schools in Africa and across the world.

Serena Williams Background

Serena Jameka Williams was born in Michigan on September 26th, 1981. She moved to Compton, California, with her parents and four sisters when she was three years old. Williams has three sisters and three brothers from her father’s previous marriage.

Her father and her sister, Venus, were both homeschooled by their father. When Williams was nine years old her family moved from Compton to West California so she could attend a tennis school.

Williams’ father took her out of the tennis academy when she was in ninth grade so that he could teach her at home and so that she could focus more on school and tennis.


So that’s it for Serena William’s Net Worth from us. Serena Williams’ net worth is at $210 million. Serena Williams has a net worth of $210 million and is a multiple world champion tennis player. Many consider her to be one of the world’s best and richest tennis players.


Which Williams’s sibling has achieved the most fame and fortune?

Serena Williams, the older of the two talented Williams sisters, has had a more successful tennis career than Venus Williams.

How Much Money Serena Williams earns from tennis each year?

According to studies, Serena earns almost $8 million each year from tennis.

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