Severance Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Severance, the upcoming TV series, gives a mysterious insight into working in corporate firms. The series is set in an organization, taking twists and turns no one has ever thought of. But unfortunately, it has included the chilling office horror by pushing the work and life balance too much outer limits.  

The drama shows how computers could control everything, including human brains. It is one of the shows that will stick inside your head. The movie shows what the future holds for humankind as in the present-day scenario, activities similar to the series could not occur. Still, it is a possibility in the future. 

The reason behind making speculations is an increase in the development of computers and the strengthening of AIs. The series has presented a unique concept that brings down a chill to the spine of the viewers with the suspense during the whole series.

Severance TV Series Release Date

Severance TV’s release date has been set for February 18, 2022, with the first two episodes being aired on Apple TV +. Other episodes are set to be released between 25 February 2022 and 8 April 2022. The whole series has been filmed so that the mind of the audience is grasped by the scenes they have watched, creating a similar experience to that of the characters.


Severance Cast

Here is the complete and promising task of the Severance Cast of the show.

  • Patricia Arquette plates as the Harmony Cobel. Harmony is mark’s eccentric boss.
  • Christopher Walken plays the character of Burt, who is a senior staffer at Lumon. Christopher is one of the finest actors who has won an Oscar for The Deer Hunter.
  • The character Petey is a former Lumon employee played by Yul Vazquez.
  • Dichen Lachman plays the character of Ms. Casey. She is a Lumon employee whose job is unclear from the opening scene.
  • Mark’s sister character Devon is played by Jen Tullock.
  • Last but not least, the character Michael Chernus plays Mark’s brother in law who is remained unnamed.

Severance Trailer

The trailer of the Severance TV series is available on multiple platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, IMDb, and many more. Severance premiere date has been set for this February.

It starts with Mark stating that whenever you find yourself here, it is because it was your choice to come back. Then the title flashes with the premiere date. Then the scene shows Mark undergoing the process of severance, and in the background, his voice is being played, stating that he had consented to that process so that his work life and personal life have a barrier. 

The following scenes show Mark’s behavior similar to that of a robot. While being off work, he meets his former colleague and refuses to recognize him. The truth tells Mark of severance by that ex-colleague of his. The ending is marked by showing the lead cast.

Severance Storyline

The story is based on a former professor Mark Scout (Adam Scott), who’s overwhelmed by the death of his wife and soon joins a firm named Lumon that is filled with mystery. He freely consented to undergo the process of severance, which creates a partition between the work memories and personal memories. After completing the process, the person is unable to remember anything related to their personal life while being on the floor and vice-versa. 

In simple words, at home, nothing that happened in the office could be remembered while at home. Along with Mark, other his colleagues also undergo the same process and become quite efficient on the floor. As soon as one of the colleagues leaves the company and Meets Mark outside the office, the bitter truth of severance is exposed before him.

The series shows the robotic behavior among colleagues in the office. In addition, the series shows how the behavior of individuals differs in office and outside the company premises and how one individual holds two different personalities. 


The series is full of suspense and mysterious activities that can make one shake his head. In addition, the advancement of medical technology is shown in such a way that it creates a belief that in upcoming years, we’ll be having our brains entirely controlled by computers. 

Looking at the promising cast of the Severance TV Series, we are so excited and waiting for the show. You can bookmark this page for regular updates and news of the show.

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