Snowpiercer Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and more

Who is up for another season of ups and downs on an adventurous train? A chilling adventure experience? Yes, we are talking about the Netflix thriller SnowPiercer season 4. The show’s third season concluded in March 2022, leaving its fans to crave another one.

Snowpiercer is a Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Thriller that is a remake of Snowpiercer movie by Bong Joon-ho in 2013. The story is set in the year 2026, and at that time, the Earth has become a wasteland fully covered by snow. Some of the surviving humans are on a giant luxurious train, saving them from freezing. However, when the population increases within the train, how do they face social issues and the use of limited resources is the story’s main plot.

The thriller was initially released on May 17, 2020. It received a great response from the audience and critics and was undoubtedly renewed for a second season. However, the filming part of the second season got delayed due to Covid-19 Pandemic protocols, but the makers put their best effort into bringing it on board as soon as possible. Finally, the second season was released on January 25, 2021, and too received a great response from its audience. As a result, it was renewed for the third time, and the third season was released a year later, i.e., on January 24, 2022.

Snowpiercer Season 4 Release Date

The fans can take a sigh of relief as the show’s fourth season has already been announced. Yes, it was renewed for a fourth season before season 3 was released. However, the show’s third season has recently concluded on March 28, 2022, and fans are already excited for another season to return.

Though the makers have yet to announce the official release date for next season, we can expect the next season in January 2023. However, as the third season has concluded recently, it may take some time for filming and production of an upcoming season to complete. Therefore, following the previous pattern of the show, Snowpiercer Season 4 might be released on January 24, 2023.

Snowpiercer Season 4 Cast

Talking about the cast of Snowpiercer, it has only increased at times as the seasons went on. The fans are eagerly waiting for some of the big names to reprise their role in the next season. Though it is not officially announced, who else will be joining the cast next season? We are expecting the previous lead roles to reprise their roles. They are listed as follows:-

  • Jennifer Connelly as Melanie Cavill. She is the main character in the show and plays the role of Head of Hospitality in trains and makes daily announcements as the train’s voice.
  • Daveed Diggs as Andre Layton. He plays the role of a former detective who leads the charge in protest against social injustice towards the tail end of the train by the First class.
  • Mickey Sumner as Bess Till. She is a thoughtful and caring character and is part of the Security Force of the train.
  • Alison Wright as Ruth Wardell. She is a sophisticated character who plays the role of a deputy to Melanie Cavill.
  • Lena Hall as Miss Audrey. She plays the role of leader of “Snowpiercer’s Nightcap” and knows the train’s dark secrets.
  • Iddo Goldberg as Bennet Knox. He plays the role of the original designer and engineer of the train.

Snowpiercer Season 4 Trailer

The show’s next season is already renewed and is set to return as soon as possible. The filming and production part needs to be completed for a trailer to release. There is no official trailer available for next season, but we expect it later this year. Snowpiercer Season 4 trailer might release in December 2022. We will keep you updated on this. You can enjoy the trailers of the previous season exclusively on Youtube and the streaming platform Netflix.

Snowpiercer Season 4 Storyline

We just saw several twists in the recently concluded third season of the show, which makes it tricky to foresee exactly what would happen in the upcoming season, especially since there’s no official information yet. The passengers aboard the train were separated into two groups at the end of Season 3- those who wanted to stay with Melanie and those who wanted a new life with Layton off the train where human civilization is still viable.

The consequences of that separation are likely to be addressed in the next season. In addition, Melanie observed a missile launch out of an unknown place, another massive surprise at the end of last season. The next season will most likely investigate the sources of that missile, placing the passengers in touch with many more survivors.

The Conclusion

Netflix never fails to amaze its fans with its thriller shows. Snowpiercer is one among them, and it has made fans crave its fourth season now. Of course, barely anyone would have predicted that the film on which this series is based would lead it to four seasons. It has amazing feedback from critics, too, with a 7/10 rating on IMDB.

The storytelling and the characters have managed to keep their audience stuck to them and seek to carry forward for many more seasons. The official premiere dates for next season have not been announced yet. We will keep you updated about the same. You can enjoy the previous seasons of Snowpiercer exclusively on Netflix.

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