Stranger things season 4 trailer for Part One

After a long wait of three years finally Stranger Things is coming back to entertain us. For the last time Eleven and the gang was appeared in season there of NETFLIX sci-fi super hit series, if you are following this season then you must know that the whole of the latest season along time ago, you will be exploring around for anything you can find out regarding the upcoming episodes of this amazing show. Thankfully, after the long wait the 4th season of this scifi is soon on the way and here is everything you should know about it. So, are you excited? If yes then read the post till the end.

Stranger things season 4 trailers

According to the latest update, the Stranger things season 4 trailer has been now released on Netflix.  This time creators the Duffer brothers compare the new season with Game of Thrones. Sources says the season four of the Stranger things will be released in two special volumes and the first volume is going to release on 27th May and the second volume will release after 5 weeks which is on 1st July.

When will Stranger Things season 4 be released on Netflix?

Netflix has officially confined that the Stranger Things season four will be released in two volumes which are going to release in 27th May and 1st July. According to creators Ross Duffer and Matt they have written nine scripts, over eight hundred pages which are almost two years of filming along with thousands of amazing visual effects shorts and the overall run time would be double than the length of previous season. No doubt the Stranger Things 4 was the most challenging season yet, but it will definitely the most rewarding and entertain as well.

They further added everyone involved deeply with this series and we are proud of the results as well. Hope for the best and we are eagerly waiting to share it with our beloved viewers.

Is there a Stranger Things season four trailers yet?

Yes, there is an official trailer which was released on 12th April ahead of the May 27th release of the Volume 1 of the Stranger Things season volume 1.  Another teaser was released on 6th August which show many things regarding the season four with some of the exclusive footage from the first three seasons.

What locations this time we will see in season four?

During the Netflix’s live stream TUDUM event which was happened on 25th September a new location was feature in Stranger Things season four. In a new teaser it was revealed that a house with dubbed Creel House will be a crucial location in upcoming episodes.

What will be the titles of the episodes in Stranger things season 4?

On 6th November Netflix has shared a video in which all the titles of the episodes were revealed for the season four. Those are like, ‘The Hellfire Club’, ‘Vecna’s Curse’, ‘The Monster and the Superhero’, ‘Dear Billy’, ‘The Nina Project’, ‘The Dive’, ‘The Massacre at Hawkins Lab’, ‘Papa’ and ‘The Piggyback’. According to the Duffers they have also an extra episode which will be added soon in the season.

No doubt the Stranger things season 4 trailer makes viewers super excited and people are eagerly waiting for the release of the new two volume of the season four. If you have missed the recently released official Stranger things season 4 trailers then watch from the above given link.


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