Sweet Tooth Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Story

One of the popular American fantasy dramas based on Jeff Lemire’s comic books is coming up with Season 2 soon. Netflix has brought Sweet Season 1 on the platform. It is a fantasy adventure-based drama show that has gained so much popularity recently. Here is everything you need to know about Sweet Tooth Season 2.

The Story so far (SPOILER ALERT!)

Sweet tooth is set in a post-apocalyptic world following an event known as the ‘Great crumble.’ It’s almost similar to judgment day or the end of this world. Two things heralded the end of the world on this show.

  • First, a deadly, highly contagious plague is ‘the sick.’
  •  Following this shortly, the birth of animal-human hybrid children.
  • The proximity of these events might not have had anything to do with each other. Despite this, it led to a wave of violent prejudice against the hybrids. 
  • Consequently, an extremist paramilitary group is known as ‘The Last Men’ formed. Their motive was to hunt and kill the hybrid children.

This story has its roots when our protagonist and father start fleeing into the woods. The child is a human deer hybrid called Gus raised by the protagonist, teaching him about the outside world. He warns the kid about the perils beyond their compound. As you probably guessed, this is just the beginning. Gus’ father eventually dies after contracting the virus.

Gus has to exit the confines of his isolated home to fend for himself. He immediately gets into trouble. He is saved from capture and imminent death by solo wanderer Tommy Jepperd, Gus knows as ‘big man.’ Likewise, Gus’s obsession with sugar from tree taps, Maple syrup to candy bars leads to his nickname and title for the show sweet tooth. Despite his best efforts to get rid of him, Gus accompanies big man, making their way to Colorado. Here Gus hopes he’ll find his mother and a safe haven for other hybrid children. 

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Story
Sweet Tooth Season 2

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Cast


  • Gus- Gus is played by Christian Convery, a Canadian actor who was 27 acclamations to his name despite only being 12. He is best known for his appearances in Venom, beautiful boy, and Playing with fire.
  • TOMMY JEPPERD- played by British actor Nonso Anozie. He has tons of stage and screen credit, but you might know him as Tank from RocknRolla. Xaro Xhoan Daxos from The Game Of Thrones is a popular character too.
  • Doctor Singh– Adeel Akhtar. He is an award-winning actor known for his role in the critically acclaimed TV drama Murdered by my father. He also featured as Wilson Wilson, a paranoid conspiracy theorist in the original version of Utopia.
  • BEAR– is played by New Zealand-American actor Stefania LaVie Owen a famous Puddle Kadubic from running wild. She also did her share in The Carrie Diaries. Here she got featured as pro-hybrid guerrilla leader Bear.
  • PUBBA– played by former SNL cast member and comedian Will Forte plays Gus’s father.
  • AIMEE– enacted by Dania Ramirez from Heroes Entourage and Once on a Time. She plays a woman who creates a sanctuary for hybrids in a dilapidated zoo.
  • NARRATION AT THE BACKGROUND– The baritone voice you hear at the start of each episode is provided by veteran actor James Brolin. He is reputed from The Amityville Horror and is Josh Brolin’s dad.
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER– the show’s executive producer is The Avengers’ Robert Downey Junior, and Susan Downing. She was the film producer behind the Sherlock Holmes movies RocknRolla and Kiss Bang Bang.
  • WRITER– the series was developed by Jim Mickle, a writer and director known for Stateland Mulberry Street and We are what we are.


How is the Second Season Going to Follow up the first?

The story is based on the 2009 DC Vertigo comic of the same name written by Jeff Lemire. Some described the original series like Mad Max meets Bambi ran until 2013. A sequel subtitled ‘The return’ was released in 2020. Although the story is broadly the same, there are differences in the comics.

Differences in the comics and the series


  1. Tommy Jepperd is a hockey player rather than an American football player in the comics. He was morally incorrect by planning to leave Gus at the scientific facility. 
  2. Pubba in the comics was a religious fanatic who might have been responsible for the fall. In the series, he is a compassionate janitor and a kind father.

The story is set in the Mountain West of the United States Gus’s compound is hidden deep within Yellowstone National Park. From here, he and Jeff make their way South towards Colorado. Although this is a post-apocalyptic story, it’s not the barren wasteland we’re used to seeing in films like Mad Max. It has a lush backdrop that is a rich verdant setting when nature has reclaimed places that used to be full of humans.

The Location and Backdrop

The viewer might get distinct Lord of the Rings’ vibes looking at the striking landscapes in Sweet tooth. You should award yourself a swig of Maple syrup as it was filmed in Auckland, New Zealand. One of the few productions granted border extensions to film during the pandemic alongside another upcoming Netflix show. The other one was named Cowboy Bebop.

The Final Episode and the CliffHanger

There are spoilers ahead, so stop reading if you haven’t finished the series! Reach the show’s final episode; it’s all goes horribly wrong. Gus finally learns that he doesn’t have real parents. Pubba and Birdie, the woman he thought was his mother, nearly rescued him.

Gus was grown in a science facility, although the specifics of exactly how are unclear. Following this, he is captured by the ‘last men’ after the big man is shot and left for dead. If all that wasn’t bad enough, Aimee’s sanctuary has been overrun by general Abbott’s thugs.

There is some, though. Aimee finds the injured Big Guy and rescues him. This suggests that some serious payback is coming from the two adoptive parents.

Doctor Singh immediately connects with Gus, delaying the fatal operation ordered by general habits. Instead, a chameleon boy loses his life.

Meanwhile, while looking in the attic of Birdie’s house, Bear finds a radio that bursts into life. We finally catch a glimpse of Birdie, who is still alive.

She is seen in Alaska, where the bacteria responsible for the pandemic was originally found. We also learn that the bear’s younger sister is none other than Wendy, the hybrid human pig. 

Sweet Tooth Season 2

We are looking forward to the second season of the sweet tooth, which we watched recently on June 4. After its exciting ending, sweet tooth season 2 has been renewed. The virus called H5G9 caused half-human half-year babies to be born worldwide.

The inconclusive ending of the series already indicates that the second season will follow. In the scene where Gus gets rid of his troubles and meets his mother, Birdie will be watched with tears. Season 1 had eight episodes. We hope that we will also watch eight episodes and Sweet Tooth Season 2.

Filming of the first season began in 2019, and we could only see the sweet tooth in 2021. Thus we hope they don’t keep us waiting too long for the new season. We can expect it to hit our screens in January 2022.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Release Date

Netflix released the viewership data on July 20, 2021. According to reports, the show has around 60 million views after the release. After the immense response from the public, Netflix renewed the show and announced Sweet Tooth Season 2. Also, if everything goes according to the pre-set schedule, the show will premiere by May 2022.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Cast

The Sweet Tooth Season 2 Cast will be the same as the old one. We hope to see almost all the familiar faces. Christian Canvery is the lead character of Gus, Nonso Anozie playing the role of Tommy Jepperd, and all the other characters. You might see Doctor Singh, Ammie, Birdie, as well as Gus’s biological mother.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Plot

Birdie, still alive, receives the bear’s call from a post in Alaska. The Sweet Tooth Season 2 might cover many things, and you expect the story to move forward from the cliffhanger. However, that all depends on the creators how they showcase the story.

  • In the season finale, we see that the Big Man gets wounded; however, in season 2, we might see him healing physically and mentally. We can also expect that he might reunite with his lost child and wife and accompany Ammie to bring back his children.
  • Birdie might appear again with a lot of changes from the first season. In the second half of the Sweet Tooth Season 2, we might expect conflict between the creator and the creation.

The Final Words

Sweet Tooth is more relevant in this epoch of a global pandemic. We suffer and rebuild ourselves from scratch, and this series is all about survival. It would be worth rooting for the season. At the end of the show, we can witness humanity and a step closer to finding the cure for the virus.

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There are many assumptions one can make; however, the Sweet Tooth Season 2 plot remains dark.

One thing which can be expected from the show is you will witness the best storyline to date. So, this is all about Sweet Tooth Season 2. If you think you have any expectations, do let us know in the comment section.

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