Chris Huvane one of the Talent Hunters, Dies at 47

8 February 2022: Chris Huvane died on Sunday night at the very young age of 47.

Chris Huvane was associated with a Hollywood firm Management 360, and he was the manager there.

Chris Huvane was a representative of many Hollywood superstars. He provided services at Management 360, where his clients were Margaret Qualley, Margot Robbie, Julianne Moore, Zoey Deutch, the late Chadwick Boseman, and Zach Braff.

Did the cause of the death of Chris Huvane was an apparent suicide ???

Huvane, who previously worked as a magazine editor and PR executive and was then employed as a manager at Hollywood firm Management 360, dies at the age of 47.

The cause of the sudden death is not known yet, but a report from different sources says it was an apparent suicide.

Chris Huvane always talked about his battles with depression openly; he has been suffering from anxiety issues for a long time.

Chris first talked about his depression in 2021 via Facebook; he was always active on social media posting daily updates of his life though he never shared much about his personal life.

He always praised his brothers for providing him with mental support and care. Slate PR Partner Stephen Huvane and CAA managing partner Kevin Huvane are the brothers of Chris huvane.

“We are devasted beyond words this morning; Chris was simply ‘the best of the best.”

The co-workers and clients express their sorrow in his loss.

One of Chris’s grief-stricken co-workers says, “we are devastated beyond words this morning; Chris was simply ‘the best of the best.” He also added, “A brilliant manager, consummate colleague, and friend, a rock of our company and our culture, beloved by every single person who ever met him. It’s an incalculable loss, and our hearts go out to his family and friends. However, we are all the better for having known Chris, and we commit to honoring his legacy every day forward.”

Chris Huvane

At a very young age, he builds an amazing career for himself. He started his career as Public relations manager at HBH and his brother Stephen Huvane, a partner there. Then he joined GQ magazine and became the Senior west coast editor; he served there for eight years. Later he connected with Management 360, then soon he got a promotion and became the talent manager. Afterward, Chris became a partner at Management 360 in 2015.

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In 2022, Chris gave his opinion on dealing with clients on a podcast that says, “I think the most important thing for me was I always had an opinion. And I am always not afraid to share it because there’s not a person on Earth I’m afraid to share my opinion with. And it took off from there.”

Chris also appeared in movies like “Tigerland” (2000) and “Sex and the City.” In addition, he worked as a co-producer on mark Johson’s film “Finding Steve McQueen” and as an executive producer of the reality series “It’s a Brad Brad World.”

Chris Huvane also created a network outside Hollywood and expanded his business.

He was passionate about his hobbies like boxing, tattoos, writing, etc. Chris mentioned his love for motorcycles in an article ‘Leo edit’ published in 2022, and he was also a keen lover of animals.

Chris Huvane was born in New York; he was a family man. Chris always talked about the support given by his wife, Cole Huvane, his sister Denise Whalen, his brothers Michael and Robert Huvane, father, Martin Huvane. He survived for his family despite dealing with depression.


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