Teen Wolf Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and More

Teen Wolf is a supernatural fictional drama series leaving traces of horror and a huge thriller aspect. It was developed for Mtv by Jeff Davis. Being a story of troublesome college-going teens with haunting truths attracted the attention of a large crowd of young people. 

The story revolves around the mythical creature werewolf, which seemed to be a myth till now, made its silent entry into the life of a group of teens. The actors playing the leading roles spent almost a decade of their lives, and the hard work paid off. 

The series has 6 seasons, and all were equally appreciated and received good attention from the critics. However, people binge-watching season after season has created a lot of burden on the shoulders of makers for season 7 to make it equally interesting.

Teen Wolf Season 7 Heartthrobs are Back 

Teen wolf first aired on MTV around June 5, 2011, and came to an end on September 24, 2017, with six seasons. Season one and two each had 12 episodes, respectively. 

The third season had 24 episodes dividing it into two parts, each having 12 episodes. The 12 episodes fourth season were equally long and amazing. The fifth and sixth seasons have 20 episodes, each divided into halves. 

The applause that Teen wolf got was overwhelming, increasing its probability of returning. All the seasons are available on the OTT platform Netflix, so there is a good chance that season 7 to be appearing on Netflix only. However, no official statement has been given by any actors or Jeff Davis regarding a Teen Wolf Season 7 Release date.

Teen Wolf Season 7 Cast

The series has a lot of recurring and guest characters, and a lot of them are expected to re-appear as the Teen Wolf Season 7 Cast. 

  • Tyler Posey as Scott McCall
  • Crystal Reed (seasons 1–3; guest season 5) as Allison Argent
  • Dylan O’Brien as Stiles Stilinski
  • Tyler Hoechlin (seasons 1–4; guest season 6) as Derek Hale
  • Holland Roden as Lydia Martin
  • Colton Haynes (seasons 1–2, guest season 6) as Jackson Whittemore
  • Shelley Hennig (seasons 4–6; recurring season 3) as Malia Tate
  • Arden Cho (seasons 4–5; recurring season 3) as Kira Yukimura
  • Dylan Sprayberry (seasons 5–6; recurring season 4) as Liam Dunbar
  • Linden Ashby (season 6; recurring seasons 1–5) as Sheriff Noah Stilinski
  • Melissa Ponzio (season 6; recurring seasons 1–5) as Melissa McCall
  • JR Bourne (season 6; recurring seasons 1–5) as Chris Argent


Teen Wolf Season 7 Trailer on the way or not?

There have not been any such claims from the production house and makers, but some hints and rumors are clouding that we will hear about the release sooner or later. There has not been any kind of activity by the actors, which can confirm this rumor, as the paparazzi seem to keep an eye on each of them.

Teen Wolf Season 7 Storyline

The storyline for Teen Wolf season 7 is set in the backdrop of a fictional town of Beacon Hills located in California, where the male protagonist Scott McCall is a high school student living an ordinary life with his mother, Melisa, who is supposed to be a nurse in the local hospital. 

The ordinary life led by this teen comes to an end when an Alpha werewolf bites him by accident, leaving his life turned upside down. The cherry on the top was that Scott develops feelings for his new classmate from a professional werewolf hunting family. Soon he realizes that the friends he is surrounded with are somehow connected to werewolves, and those who are not, are also on his side.

Equations start to change between them, and many Beta werewolves also join him. Scotts, blessed or in a way cursed with new powers, tend to protect his hometown and subsequently hide his original identity from others.

Teen Wolf Season 7 Renewal Status

This series’s love and affection were tremendous, and the popularity was off the charts. The seemingly simple concept turned out to be a legendary tale that will be told by this generation to the coming up ones.

After this season, people started idolizing the characters and made their getup a fashion trend. After all this, how can we not expect a new season from the makers? But the fate of this series remains in the dark, and we never know when the good news will be off.

The Conclusion

Since the premiere of this series, it has received appreciation, nothing less. Won 3 Saturn awards for Best Youth Oriented series, thirteen Teen Choice Awards, and four awards for Choice Summer TV. Not only did this story come up with a unique twist to the existing legend, but it also managed to be in the good books of the critics.

This is commendable, and we expect to see the same dedicated work from all the cast and crew. The new season might be released in 2022 on Netflix and Paramount+. Did you watch the previous season?

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