The Afterparty Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot

The Afterparty, upcoming American crime fiction with a bit of comedy created by Chris Miller. The creators have announced the release day of the official Trailer for this new murder mystery comedy exclusively available on Apple TV+. You will witness 8 thrilling episodes in which you will see the investigation of the detective.

A famous multi-hyphenated celebrity, who dies mysteriously during the afterparty of a high school reunion that he hosted for his former batchmates. Here is everything about The Afterparty Season 1.

The Afterparty
The Afterparty

The Afterparty Cast:

The cast for this Apple TV+ exclusive series was announced in November 2020, which includes:-

  • Tiffany Haddish as Detective Danner
  • John Early as Detective Casup
  • Jamie Demetriou as Walt
  • Dave Franco as Xavier
  • Ilana Glazer as Chelsea
  • Ben Schwartz as Yasper
  • Zoe Chao as Zoe
  • Sam Richardson as Aniq
  • Ike Barinholtz as Breet.

Each and every character comes up with Jaw dropping performances playing a very significant role.

The AfterParty Release Date

The Afterparty trailer releases on 14 Dec 2021 and the series is all set to air on Apple TV+ on 28, January 2022. The series Afterparty receives humongous popularity with the few episodes premiere on Apple TV and is now coming with Season 1. With the recent Instagram post of Chris Miller about the release date, the fans of the series are so excited and eagerly waiting.

What is in the ‘The Afterparty’ Trailer?

The trailer starts with a grand party where a person named Xavier who is a popstar by profession enters into the party with all joy and excitement delivering a speech welcoming everyone supposed to be his old High school mates. But everyone seems disturbed which clearly can be seen by the weird expression on their face, the party goes on with the same level of excitement until the unpredicted incident of Xavier took place as shown in the trailer the reason for his death must be falling from a cliff.

The whole city was shaken by the news of the sudden death of their favorite star. In meantime, the case was handed to a high-profile detective who is very passionate about his work and very eager to find the main culprit. However, the whole scenario changed when everyone was suspecting Aniq to the murderer, while one of their friends outrageously mentioned that Xavier was being hated by everyone. Likewise, this ironic drama continues with a bit of suspense, thrill, and comedy. Though the whole scenario will be cleared after the confession of each and every prominent character of the story.

The Afterparty Plot

This Apple TV+ exclusive is crime fiction with a bit of flavor of humor added to it. The series is centered on a murder of a pop star, actor, and celebrity humanitarian (Xavier) occurring at a high school reunion party. The entire series has been divided into eight episodes where with every episode a new perspective of the dreadful night gets unleashed by different attendees of the party.

The Afterparty Storyline

  • The Afterparty, an upcoming American web series exclusive to Apple TV+ consumers is a crime fiction that seems to have a bit of fun quotient to it.  The story is all about finding the murderer of an eminent person namely Xavier who is a pop star, actor and celebrity humanitarian. The murder takes place at a high school reunion party where everybody is seemed to hate Xavier. Going by the trailer Xavier seemed to die by falling off a cliff and detective Danner and Casup try to find the reason behind his abnormal death.
  • The story begins with a High School Reunion Party which was organized by Xavier an Eminent personality who is a popstar by profession in order to connect all his High School mates but the story enters into an Interesting part when Xavier was suddenly found dead after the grand party by falling from a cliff. Everyone seems Perplexed and when the case was handed to a high profile detective named Danner everyone was suspecting Aniq as the killer except for one of their fellow mate, The story continues with several twists and turns where every person has their own perspective regarding the death that will be disclosed with the upcoming episodes.

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The Conclusion

The Apple TV plus is coming with an exclusive mini-series named The Afterparty which is basically a murder mystery drama. The mysterious title gives a clear hint about the plot of the story which is depicting a clear idea of something suspicious about the party. Talking about the trailer which is seeking most of the attention of the audience and the arrangement of the scene makes people more curious about the drama and increases their interest and the urge to know what happened at the party night.

Being a thriller it will attract an audience of almost all ages and this looks like it is going to be one of the best series in this upcoming year. This particular series comes with a lot of riddles which will be disclosed with every forthcoming episode of the drama. The drama begins with the retelling of the party night story from every character present at the party from their own perspectives with different visuals.

Tiffany Hadish and John Early seem nailed their role in the show as shown in the trailer they took the story to a whole exciting path when they started investigating even the smallest of parts and each and every person. The thirst of these two high-profile detectives to find the killer makes their role more fascinating.

While the other characters also played a very entertaining bit part Aniq who was mostly shown in the trailer among the friends seems very shocked hearing the news of the death of his high school fellow mate whereas everyone was suspecting him to the reason of his death. The story follows various ups and downs with several twists and turns. Although The character Xavier is full of mystery by himself.

It’s impossible to justify his role just by seeing the trailer. Sometimes wicked, sometimes silly with haters and fans at the same time, and the one who is the base of the story from whom the whole story started and about to end after the closed book will be unveiled. The cause behind murder may make all the attendees of the party to remember the dreadful night differently.

A worth watching series that can give the viewer a whole new experience full of thrill, suspense, comedy all in one drama series which is all set to stream on January 28, 2022, only on Apple TV plus.


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