The Bachelor 2022 Star Gal Gabby Windey shares The Lazy Hair Routine!

March 15, 2022: In the video Gabby shares, she talks about curling hairs during her shoot days for The Bachelor and other easy-to-do hairstyles. She shared the easy curling process with her easy-to-do hair curling iron.

Gabby explained how to use Hot Tools and style hair easily, showing a Hairstyling product, “This is the curling iron that I use. It’s one and a half inches. It’s Hot Tools. I’ve had it for so long. I usually use hairspray, too, Curl away from the face. Halfway first, hold for a few seconds, then all the way. I use bigger pieces on the bottom and smaller on the top since the top is what really matter.” She also directed, “it’s so easy to handle, and I use the biggest barrel there is, and it makes my hair so beautiful! It’s the best curling iron I’ve ever used. This iron slides through my hair with ease and hold the curl like a champ!”

Gabby also shared her hair products that come at a highly reasonable price. Fans praise Gabby windey for her helpful video and perfection within a short time. Gabby windey also shared another hair styling product, “Black Egg Boar Bristle Hair Brush with Bamboo Comb and 3 Hair Ties,” which helps to look your hair thick by increasing the hair volume artificially.

“You guys asked for a hair tutorial, and I’m gonna do my best” –Gabby Windey.

Gal Gabby Windey, while sharing her new hair tutorial video on TikTok, says, “you guys asked for a hair tutorial, and I’m gonna do my best. I’m baseline kind of lazy, so I’m sorry. There’s room for improvement.” Gabby made clear that her tutorial video is simple and easy to apply.

The fans accepted Gabby’s latest hair video, and reviews popped up like, “No worries, Gabby, kind of lazy is exactly the kind of tutorial I’m looking for.”

  • Gal Gabby Windey humorously commented while sharing the products that uplifted the moment with a quotient of fun, and she said, “I do have a middle part because….we do what Gen-Z says.”

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