The Batman Release Date, Cast, Trailer

DC Fandom gave us a glimpse of DC’s upcoming projects, including Black Adam, Aquaman 2, Shazam 2, The Flash, and The Batman. We all just gathered ourselves from the nostalgic experience of Spiderman: No Way Home and WB Studios detonated us with The Batman official trailer, and that’s what we’re going to talk about.

We’ll cover all theories and breakdowns from both the teaser and the trailer. So let’s start.

The Batman cast 

  • Robert Pattinson is playing Batman, who is a vigilante. Once when he was a kid, he fell into a cave full of bats near his house and was frightened so much that his entire body fell cold. Some days after, his parents are shot by a chain-snatcher in the streets. He goes back to the cave to fight his fear and vows not to let what happened to him happen to anybody else. He is a superhero with no superpower, just a normal man in a bat costume, but what makes him a superhero is his sacrifice, brutal training, and his mission.
  • Zoë Kravitz plays Selina Kyle (Catwoman). Selina also doesn’t have any superpower.
  • Jeffrey Wright is playing Lt. James Gordon
  • Gill Colson (District Attorney), played by Peter Sarsgaard, is the one who comes out of the funeral car crash scene with tape written ‘No more lies’ on his mouth and explosives on his neck.
  • Colin Farrell is Ostwald Cobblepot (Penguin), a famous villain from DC Comics. We saw him being chased by Batman in the highway car chase.
  • And sources have confirmed that Paul Dano is playing Riddler in this movie.


The Batman Release date

DC Fandom gave us a glimpse of the upcoming DC projects, and Batman is the first one in 2022. WB Studios and the directors have confirmed the release, and we will enjoy The Batman in the theaters from March 2022.

The Batman Trailer Review

  • The trailer starts with Batman chasing someone in his Batmobile, later revealed to be Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin). This same chase sequence was shown in the teasers and clips earlier. Next, we see Bruce Wayne talking to a woman playing Bella Real (created just for the movie) who will be the Mayor’s new candidate. Bella complains to Bruce that he is not doing any philanthropy for Gotham city, unlike his parents, but he disagrees.
  • After this, we again get a look at the bridge car chase, and then we find Batman with some police officers in a room where ‘The Real Change’ with a map is drawn on its floor. We have seen Riddler talking about the renovation and reconstruction of Gotham city; therefore, I think this map is of Old Gotham City. We can see some dummies in the background with explosives on their necks, which Riddler probably used for testing, which resembles the victims we saw him killing at the beginning of the trailer.
  • The next moment we see Bruce trying to solve Riddler’s riddle with some writing on the floor. Then we see Bruce talking to Selina Kyle (Catwoman), probably at her home, later ending with a fight sequence. We’ll discuss this character in detail later in the article. Then we witness a conversation between Alfred and Bruce inside the Batcave.
  • In the next scene, we see some police officers carrying the same symbol as Riddler, probably supporting his vision. Then we see our detective Gordan, Batman, and Gotham City Police arresting Riddler from a cafe, but the mystery continues further.
  • Then we see multiple explosions in Gotham city simultaneously, flooding the entire city and Batman helping the people showing them the way using a flare gun. We hear a riddle in Riddler’s voice in the background “It can be cruel, poetic or blind, but when it’s denied, it’s your violence you may find.” And Batman answers, “Justice. The answer is Justice”.
  • Last few seconds of the trailer, we see Batman and Catwoman hunting down and fighting bad guys together, and there is an energetic soundtrack playing in the background, which gives this scene a deep feel.
The Batman
The Batman

The Batman Storyline (Spoilers Alert)

The storyline shows Bruce Wayne in his initial years of becoming Batman fighting with Penguin, Riddler, and some more villains. Lieutenant James Gordon is working with Batman, and Catwoman has also allied with him this time. 

As it is a Batman movie, it consists of a dark tone like the character always has. This timeline shows Batman’s initial journey, and people don’t know much about him as it’s been just 2 years since he started operating in Gotham. 

Robert Pattinson’s Batman calls himself ‘vengeance,’ and this Bruce Wayne is not bothered about what people think of him. He doesn’t carry the ‘Play-boy’ identity and doesn’t give a shit about what people are thinking of him. Moreover, we noticed him electrocuting his attacker, which shows that he’ll injure his enemies brutally but won’t kill them. Even if they start begging for death, Batman won’t kill them. 

This story centers around the history and past of Gotham City, and Riddler, who is a psychopath, thinks that the renovation/renewal process in Gotham City is useless and only for the benefit of political parties, deals with this in his way, and Batman tries to stop him. We’ll see Catwoman helping Batman in this mission to stop Riddler and save the people of Gotham City.

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