The Great Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and more

The Great is an American-British-Australian fiction drama-comedy loosely based on historical events. It is a satirical farce about the rise and reign of Catherine the Great, empress of all Russia. The series first premiered in 2020 on the online streaming portal Hulu. The show highlights human immorality and foolishness through crass humor. The Great stands at an 8.1 on 10 IMDB with 39K reviewers.

The show has been nominated and has won multiple awards at the 72nd Emmy Awards. Read on to find some great news about the show, its cast, the storyline, and more!

The Great Season 3 Release Date

Tony McNamara created drama The Great Season 3 is now officially announced by Hulu Network. It is scheduled to arrive on November 18, 2022.

The Great Season 3 Cast

The cast of this show is receiving some phenomenal reviews and appreciation for their commendable work. Here’s are the cast details for the upcoming season 3 of The Great:-

  • Elle Fanning will play the character of Catherine the Great, the female lead who is an ambitious and beautiful Russian empress on a mission to bring back sanity and justice to all of Russia.
  • Nicholas Hoult portrays his character as Tsar Peter or Peter III, the power-hungry but stupid Emperor of Russia who is head-over-heels in love with Catherine.
  • Gillian Anderson will return as Joanna, Catherine’s mother in a short role.
  • Jason Isaacs as Peter the Great, the dead father of Peter III. (In the historical text, he is his grandfather, but the show maintains that the show is only occasionally based on true events, so we will go with what they say!)
  • Pheobe Fox covers the screen as Merial, Catherine’s good friend and the lady in waiting.
  • Belinda Bromilow plays Aunt Elizabeth, aunt of Peter III and a huge cheerleader of Catherine the Great. Bromilow is the wife of the show’s creator, Tony McNamara.
  • Charity Wakefield as Georgina Dymov, a close friend of Peter and wife of Grigor Dymov
  • Gwilym Lee as Grigor Dymov, Georgina’s husband and Peter’s best friend, until he finds out what his wife and Peter are up to
  • Adam Godley as the evil Archbishop Archie
  • Douglas Hodge as General Velementov, Catherine’s adviser and general who helped her to wage war against her husband
  • Sacha Dhawan plays the role of Count Orlo, Catherine’s adviser in matters of the kingdom, who is socially introverted.

The Great Season 3 Storyline

The first season narrates somewhat true incidents from the history of Russian rulers Catherine and Peter. Catherine is an outsider living in a rural town, and she gets the opportunity to marry the new Tsar Peter and hopes to take matters into her hands once she is Queen.

The second season is a pure farce with no connection to reality and ends with the death of Catherine’s mother and a lot of ugly truths underneath. All of this is wrapped up in top-notch humor and 18th-century drama. Season 3 will most certainly pick up from where it left with fans asking multiple questions from the edges of their seats.

The Great Season 3 Renewal Status

The show got renewal in January 2022 for season 3 on the sets of the second season of The Great.

The Great Season 3 Premiere Date

The probable premiere date of The Great season 3 is November 18, 2022.

The Conclusion

Catherine successfully becomes the reigning empress and female ruler of Russia after marching with a coup against her husband. Both of them were extremely power-hungry initially, but compared to his wife Peter III is stupid, and to make matters worse, he fell in love with her because of her intelligence and smart wit. The couple has a child together named Paul, and we have to wait to see if the enemies will allow them to lead a normal life or continue the attempts to kill them.

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  1. I watched season 1 and 2 and loved them. I hated Peter at first since he has no compassion for others, human life and selfish. He changes later in season 2 becoming a more caring and
    passionate person towards others, Catherine and Paul. I really hope Peter doesn’t get killed in season 3 and he has a happy life with Catherine and Paul.
    Greats actors and writers in this show. Can’t wait for season 3.


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