The Guardians of Justice Season 2 Update ( Coming or Not )

2 March 2022: The video game-based epic superhero television series made by Adi Shankar will be renewed for a new season following the viewership on Netflix.

The first season of the brilliant superhero series The Guardians of Justice premiered yesterday, i.e., 1 March 2022, exclusively on Netflix Originals. The first season contains seven episodes, each of duration varying from 21 minutes to 36 minutes maximum.

The makers decided to bring a new show season very soon following its craze, but the release dates are not declared yet. However, the new season might possibly release by the first month of 2023 following its renewal in June this year, observing the audience’s reaction.

What can we expect from The Guardians of Justice Season 2?

The Guardians of Justice Season 2 Release Date
The Guardians of Justice Season 2

According to the first season, after two decades of tranquility, when the leading superhero ‘Marvelous Man’ decides to self-destruct, the shattered superheroes have to face all the evils on the Earth. Unfortunately, the first season follows an ending that does not satiate the audience, so we can expect an upcoming show season.

The first season surprisingly ended, showing the death of Marvelous Man following Atticus to be the head of The Guardians officially, who fights with the fearless Galactic Titan Galacron by establishing a secret group of soldiers.

The second season might begin with the horrifying narrative, where Galacron will be seen visiting the planet earth. Then, the show might take a turn and create another generation of superheroes to combat with the so-called tyrannical villain Knight Hawk and his group.

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The first season of The Guardians of Justice has already created a buzz among the audience, and they are intensely eager to know what will happen next in the series.

The cast may remain the same in the upcoming series, although there will be some additional casting in the new season, which is not known now.

“I showed up to Los Angeles, and I wanted to make Mortal Kombat, Duke Nukem, and Spawn, Like, that’s it. I did not give a shit about anything else.” – Adi Shankar.

The Guardians Of Justice Season 2 Release Date was the dream project of American Indian 23-year-old boy producer Adi Shankar, where he wanted to make a show with superheroes. Still, after rejection, he finally made it.

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