The Neighbor Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Storyline, and more

The Neighbor is a Spanish TV series enthralling the viewers with its unique superhero comedy. Raul Navarro and Miguel Esteban have created this comedy series. It is inspired by Pepo Pérez and Santiago Garcia’s El Vecino.

The series is directed by a team of skilled directors including Nacho Vigalondo, Ernesto Sevilla, Víctor García León, Mar Olid, Paco Caballero, Ginesta Guindal, and a few more. On the other hand, its producers include famous names like Nahikari Ipiña, Carlos de Pando, Sara Antuña, etc.

As of now, The Neighbor has got two seasons premiered. Its first season was made available on Netflix on 31 December 2019. It had ten episodes. The series got renewed for a second season in February 2020, and Netflix premiered the same worldwide on 21 May 2021. It provided the viewers with 8 more episodes of the superhero comedy.

The running time for each of its episodes was around 25-33 minutes.

There is so much curiosity among the fans regarding The Neighbor Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Storyline, etc. Many say that it will not come, while some are hopeful about it. We are here to provide you with all the available details. So, keep going through this write-up.

The Neighbor Season 3 Release Date

The Neighbor is based on a Spanish comic series, and most of it has already been covered under the first and second seasons. So, there are few chances for a Season 3 as the source material has nothing more to provide for the viewers in the Season 3 story. But we will update you in case of the arrival of any update regarding The Neighbor Season 3 Premiere Date.

The Neighbor Season 3 Cast

In case of Season 3 of the Spanish series gets confirmed, we can expect the following stars to appear as The Neighbor Season 3 Cast.

  • Quim Gutiérrez will play the role of Javier.
  • Clara Logo will act as Lola.
  • Adrián Pino will be acting as José Ramón.
  • Catalina Sopelana will portray Julia.
  • Jorge Sanz will appear as Alienígena.
  • Sergio Momo will play the character of Rober.
  • Paula Malit will act as Alicia while Denis Gómez will appear as Camello.
  • Aníbal Gómez will act as Adolfo.
  • Nacho Marraco may appear as Marcelo.
  • Aitziber Garmendia may portray the character of Marta.
  • Fran Perea, Gracia Olayo, Javier Botet, and Celia de Molina appeared in The Neighbor Season 2; these may also be seen in the third season.

According to the requirements of the second season’s story, there may be new additions or deductions in the final cast. We will tell you about that if the third season gets an official confirmation.

The Neighbor Season 3 Storyline

The story of the series The Neighbor revolves around an unfortunate man who suddenly gets a mysterious power. He starts understanding and using that power to fight evil. His neighbor assisted him in learning about his new abilities, while nobody else knew about his superpower. He hides it from his ex-girlfriend, also who remains doubtful about it.

As of now, we cannot predict the storyline of The Neighbor Season 3. We have no other option except to wait for any good news about the series renewal for the third season. If the third season comes, its episodes will be full of new mysterious comedy.

The Neighbor Season 3 Trailer

So far, no trailer has been released by the makers and distributors of The Neighbor. So we don’t know whether it will ever come or not, but we will let you know if it comes.

The Conclusion

The Neighbor on IMDb received an average score of 6.5 out of 10, which is quite an average response from critics. Therefore, there are only a few chances for the coming of The Neighbor Season 3. Also, the second season is declared the final one by the creators.

We will inform you if The Neighbor Season 3 Renewal Status changes. So, you can bookmark this page to keep a connection with the concerning updates.

Have you watched both the seasons of the Spanish comedy series ‘The Neighbor’? You can tell us in the comments below.

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