The Old Man Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Good news for thriller lovers! Another action-thriller series is set to air soon named ‘The Old Man.’ The story is based upon the novel ‘The Old Man’ written by Thomas Perry in 2017. The series is said to be having spine-chilling suspense and a lot of action for the viewers to enjoy. Robert Levine and John Steinberg have written the whole series. 

The TV series would soon premiere on FX, Hulu, and Disney+ in the United States and Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, respectively. Jeff Bridges is in the lead cast, and that’s why the series is worth watching. According to the various reports, Bridges would be seen in a regular role in a show after a gap of five decades. 

The Old Man TV Series Release Date

Numerous sources have reported that The Old Man’s release date would be lying somewhere in the first half of 2022. However, John Landgraf, the Chairman of FX, has confirmed the release of the television series in August 2021 during the virtual tour of the Television Critics Association.  

The Old Man premiere was initially set at the time of fall in 2020, but the shooting got delayed due to the pandemic. Further, Bridges was diagnosed with lymphoma that caused another halt in the filming of the series. Still, there is no particular date of release but just some speculations.

The Old Man Cast

Here is the complete cast of The Old Man TV Series 2022. These are the cast announced by the makers.

  • Jeff Bridges plays the lead role of CIA Agent Dan Chase. Jeff is an Oscar Winner.
  • Bill Heck plays the role of Dan’s youngster.
  • The main villain of the series will be the FBI Deputy Harold Harper played by Jon Lighgow.
  • Alia Shawkat portray the character Harper’s Mentee. Amy Brenneman was playing as Zoe.
  • The character Julian plated by Gbenga Akinnagbe. He is a officer who is sent to kill Dan.
  • Leem Lubany plays the character of Abbey Chase, who is the Dan’s younger version.
  • EJ Bonilla portrays the character of CIA Operative Raymond Waters.

Well, these are just the main cast who get the more screen time than others. The show casts some of the other talented characters as well.

The Old Man Trailer

The trailer has not been published yet. Instead, a teaser has been uploaded on YouTube and Dailymotion as well. The teaser shows the title at the beginning, followed by the dialogue, “ There’s nothing he won’t do to ensure his survival.” In addition, the teaser tells the viewers that Ryan Murphy has directed the series.

The Old Man Storyline

The story revolves around Dan Chase, an ex-intelligence officer hiding his identity from the public living with his two dogs. He maintains contact with his daughter, who has grown up through the phone. The more he seems to be a normal guy who has entered old age, the more he keeps his secrets to himself.

He holds more than one driving license and multiple accounts in different banks that contain his savings throughout the country. Dan Chase sent on a mission to assist the army of a rebel group. However, the plan goes all the way wrong, making him act according to what his morals allow him. This becomes why many people want him dead, which is why he maintains a secret identity. Unaware that even after many years, he would have to settle some past matters for which he would have to fight for his survival.

The Old Man
The Old Man

The Conclusion

Sources still lack adequate information about the series and its release. Still, it has been ultimately confirmed that the series kept in front of audiences to watch this year after numerous delays. Jeff Bridges has been an iconic and talented star, so watching him on screen after such a long time would be enjoyable.

The claims have already been made that with the acting of Bridges, the series would be liked by the viewers, and they would have an excellent experience watching The Old Man. So if you are waiting for the Old Man 2022 TV series, you can bookmark this page. We will regularly post the new update.

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