The Order Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

‘The Order’ is an American Canadian supernatural drama series exclusively launched on Netflix Original consisting of 2 seasons, each containing 10 episodes, and the 3rd season is yet to be released in 2022.

What is the release date of ‘The Order Season 3’?

The first season of this mega-hit series, ‘The Order,’ was exclusively premiered on March 7, 2019, only on Netflix Original. After gaining a lot of proclamation and positive reviews from its audience, it was proclaimed by the production house that the drama is all set, with a second season renewed with 10 episodes with a whole new venture. The second season got aired on June 18, 2020.

The Order Season 3
The Order Season 3

The Order Season 3 Plot

This story is plotted on a base when a newcomer named Jack Morton took admission in a phenomenal university named Belgrave University, where magic is being taught. He enters into the spellbound fabled secret society where the society is sealed with the power and magic of Blue Rose.

To avenge his mother’s death, he inculcates himself into a World of magic, demons, and conspiracies. He unveiled the secrets of the Dark Family and got into a war between the werewolves and the ancient practitioners of Dark magic as he served these two categories. However, he got assistance from a tour guide at the University named Alyssa and a Fellow attendee at The Order, which Jack’s father organized.

What’s Inside the Story?


The Drama series is parted into two seasons, each of which consists of 10 episodes where they show Jack overcoming all uncertainties, how he revenge his mother’s death and indulge himself in magic with the help of Alyssa, the tour guide of Belgrave University.

The Order Season 1 named Hell Week

  • The tale begins with the entry of Jack into the Belgrave University, where he stepped into the world of Magic, and soon several murders took place in the University, which shook everyone.
  • Pops disclose a theory explaining the cause behind the attacks. Jack and Alyssa were ordered to look after other people at the campus, where he came across a mysterious creature in the temple. In the meantime, Jack took magic lessons and discovered that he had been selected for a confidential Rival community and magic comes with a sacrifice.
  • Randall was teaching Jack to control his powers where he allied with the Knights, and Alyssa went under the wing of Edward. When the order spelled a dangerous cast, Jack was ordered to destroy their plan.
  • The Order search for the werewolves on the university premises; meanwhile, jack flees with Allyssa with the help of Necrophone, a gadget that helps to connect with the dead people.
  • The knights are being helped by Alyssa looking for Randall and ran a doctor’s twisted experiment, and Edward came across by a visitor who the previous owner of Vade Maecum.
  • Ambitious Edward had a clash with Vera where Alyssa was caught in the middle, and Jack brush with the Vade Maecum lit a painful order.
  • The Knights kidnapped Edward’s son to destroy his plan, and Hermetic Counsellor and Gabriel were questioning Lilith; this is how the first season ended.

The Order Season 2 named Free Radicals

  • After the memory loss, vera tries to engage the Knight into the order, but they are very tough to be controlled. The Knight tries to protect themselves in various ways, where Allyssa orders Jack to search for the magic tourists creating trouble on the campus.
  • Meanwhile, Vera spells magic to call the demon Rogwan, and all of a sudden, she realizes that she needs the knight on her side.
  • Lilith and Nicole get into a romantic relationship, and the Magic Vault is being investigated by the Knights.
  • Jack and Allyssa were sent to the University premises as hostages by vera to call the demon in association with the rival magic society, the sons of Prometheus.
  • The Knights conflict to join The Order, while Allyssa realizes that her feelings for Jack are blocking her in the magic. Allyssa searched for Vera’s home, where on the other hand, the knights were trying to prevent a strange illness from spreading.
  • Kepler tries to snatch the power Vera. Nicole was seen discovering a power by which they could bring back Lilith with the association of Allyssa. And Jack tries to set up a deal between Vera and Salvador.
  • The story concluded when Vera and Allyssa were asked to work together by the Knights to save Lilith from the demon’s spell and seal the eruption as Mayhem reigns.

The Order Season 3 Cast

  • Jake Manley as Jack Morton
  • Katherine Isabelle as Vera stone
  • Adam DiMarco as Randall Carpio
  • Kawennahere Devery Jacobs as Lilith Bathory
  • Thomas Elms as Hamish Duke
  • Louriza Tronco as Gabrielle Dupres
  • Matt Frewer as Pete Morton
  • Max Martini as Edward Coventry
  • Jedidah Goodacre as Kyle
  • Sam Trammell as Eric Clarke
  • Aaron Hale as Brandon
  • Kayla Heller as Selena Durov
  • Dennis Heaton as Shelley Eriksen
  • Francoise Yip as Elizabeth Kepler
  • Jocelyn Hudon as Ruby Speers
  • Christian Michael Cooper as Maddox Coventry
  • Emily Holmes as Margaret Crain.

What’s about the upcoming season of ‘The Order’?

The Order Season 3 trailer shows that Allyssa, the tourist guide of the University, was listed in a group of a terrorist as of the fact mentioned by Salvador Grant, the leader of a werewolf. While Midnight and Shiver back were all set to arrange a  battle to look, Jack, where Jack is the ultimate winner in Silverback and Gabrielle, was symbolized as the groundbreaking winner of Midnight.

Following the success of both the seasons of this magical drama series, the makers decided to come with another season. The third season was about to be released this upcoming year after getting a good response from the critics and audience. 

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But with the recent tweet of Dennis Heaton, the showrunner says, “For two seasons, I was honored to work with an incredible cast and crew on ‘The Order’ for Netflix. It is one of the best experiences of my career, unfortunately, we aren’t returning, but I’ll always cherish the memories and the props I stole.”

Therefore, Netflix has canceled the third season of the phenomenal horror drama series ‘The Order.’ And the showrunners are not sure about the final season. So obviously, there is no chance of the third season of this drama-based story. Though the main reason for the cancellation is unknown, it is estimated that due to a decline in viewership, the authority takes the following step.


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    • Yes I agree. It’s certainly far and above a LOT, of the heaping piles of dung that have showed up on Netflix as of recently. It is/was a great series with excellent FX with a good fluid story.

    • Yes please bring it back, maybe views went down because of the gaps in between! Bring back season 3 pleaseeeeeeee I’m obsessed! Equally as great as supernatural and so close to Harry Potter! Please!!!

  1. Hi

    I have just binge watched the whole of season 1 & 2, it has me hooked so please bring back season 3 along with more.

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  2. Netflix, and streaming sites like them, are always holding all the cards as long as we allow it. #CancelNetflix #CancelHulu #CancelAmazonPrime These shows keep greenlighting garbage shows while pulling good ones away. Yes the writing, directing and acting is bad but The Order can be better.

    • I understand what you mean there are plenty of places that drop amazing shows just careful how you phrase things some people might not understand what you truly mean I do understand more than most great shows appear and then for some mysterious reason they don’t continue the show and a new show takes it’s place and it’s not fair to the viewers the cast and the people who come up with the show they make these amazing shows not just for glory but because they are human too and they know how it feels when something ends before it could be fully completed

  3. Bring back the order it is an amazing show with so many plot twists and unknown/unanswered left I must know what happens next please reconsider to continue the she show for all of the fans who love the hard work you all put into making this show it wasn’t just the same run of the mill show that anyone can create it was it’s own unique show not bound by what most people would consider normal it’s been a world of it’s own that the viewers could dive deep into and become apart of the show even for just an episode if you cancel the show it’s almost saying that what we have enjoyed doesn’t matter and seems as if you are spitting in the faces of everyone who puts in all the hard work and dedication to make this show special for everyone who watched it and that’s not to them or to us I was always excited whenever the next episode be up and couldn’t wait to see how everything played out so once again I implore you to change your minds and continue the show for everyone

  4. Please just bring them back I’m about to write to Netflix cause out of all shows they could’ve cancel y this one nooooooooo

  5. I suspect there’s no resurrecting The Order, and it’s too bad. Some shows actually end in a natural way; the Order didn’t, and it had plenty of juice left in it. Perhaps a reboot will be done, but those are rarely as good as the originals. If one is done, I’d like to see as many as possible of the original cast come back.

  6. Netflix and most of these steaming sites are trash… they come out with these one season shows, knowing people like to binge. Though partially it’s the writers of these shows, overall I have yet to see a show fully conclude— wait vampire diaries and their Arc’s… but why publish some great fucking shows and then cancel them and constantly Recommend them like somethings new?…. Overall please Bring this show back- pay more- donate to creators causes-to keep/ keep getting funding and viewers on Netflix, because all the good shows are lost and I’m ready to quit my subscription.

  7. Netflix should reconsider its decision to discontinue Order season 3. It’s is a brilliant series . Much awaited . I hardly have seen even a single negative review by people who like this genre . Please bring it back.

  8. And this is why netflix sucks. Anytime something good comes along they run 2 seasons and kill it. Die netflix your scumbags.

  9. In new zealand and just watch this . Hanging out for more seasons . so many unanswered questions . loved binge watching almost didnt sleep one night ,none stop episodes .great plot and wicked ending of season 2 . its simple we need more ……. lots more .come on Netflix get your hand in your pocket . its worth it .

  10. The order season 3 should be released. It’s only logical that everyone who is anyone would love. It’s one of the best supernatural shows ever hands down. So we are asking you to just give it a few more seasons and see where ur at then.


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