Did Elizabeth Holmes Fakes her Voice? Truth behind Elizabeth Holmes Voice.

According to the previous colleges of Elizabeth Holmes, she has a lowering tone that makes her a smooth talker. In today’s world, Elizabeth Holmes has been accused by the people of the United States that she has been faking her voice to influence people around her. However, most of the clues and interviews around some famous TV shows signify her fraud are correct. She can be seen trying to change her voice by various breathing exercises and tricks.

In a country like the United States of America where people think that judging women and passing judgemental comments are right, Elizabeth Holmes chose to deepen her voice for the sake of her own good. We do not claim that whatever’s happening to Elizabeth is right because a lot of bad is done by her.

Phyllis Gardner, a professor at Stanford, where Elizabeth Holmes spent 2 years of her life before dropping out of college. He stated “ When she came to me, she didn’t have a low voice”, when Phyllis again witnessed Elizabeth: “It was just like a typical undergraduate student. When I next saw her again, she was in this low voice and I was like,” O my God”. Phyllis also stated that it was quite awkward for him to see her under such change.

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When “Theranos” was in the early stages, Elizabeth Holmes was appointed as the CEO of the organization. Within the organization, she went and hired employees from Apple and Microsoft. She hired Ana ( Former Product designer at Apple), she told almost what everyone would have expected. She said that whatever was for the good of the company, Elizabeth Holmes did. It’s hard for a woman to have a low pitch voice and handle VCs where many of them are male.

Ana described Elizabeth Holmes passionately. She said Holmes has diversified skills. The way Holmes talks was satisfying, conveying and representing authority on her behalf. Ana said: “ throughout the years, I never once caught her going out of character, however, some of the employees told her when she went out of her voice “.

Ana explained: “Maybe she needed it to be convincing to project a persona within a room amongst male VCs.”

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