The Wilds Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Storyline, and more

Being stranded on a deserted island might sound adventurous to some, while the thought of it might scare others. The series The Wilds can better understand all the emotions one person can feel when they are stranded in a place with no food, human, internet, or facilities in this modern world.

The American television series, The Wilds was created by Sarah Streicher for the famous streaming platform Amazon Prime videos. The series storyline is based on a group of girls who get stranded on a deserted island after surviving a crash. However, the plot twist occurs when they discover they are part of a bigger plan.

The show was produced by Sarah Streicher, Jamie Tarses, Dylan Clark, Susanna Fogel, and several others. The series The Wilds has premiered 2 seasons so far, consisting of 18 episodes. The run–time of each episode is approximately 42-61 minutes. The first season of the series aired on December 11, 2020, following which The Wilds Season 2 premiered a few days back on May 6, 2022.

The show received many positive reviews and appreciation after airing its first season on December 11, 2020, and soon after renewed the series for a second season in the same month. The show has earned a 7.2/10 IMDb rating, and we can expect a renewal of the series for a third season soon.

The Wilds Season 3 Release Date

The series The Wilds aired its second season a few days back and is still on hold for renewal. So it is hard to assume the release date of The Wilds Season 3. But if we consider the huge fan base the show got after airing its last two seasons, we can assume that the makers of the show will surely come up with The Wilds season 3, which will release by the year 2023

The Wilds Season 3 Cast

The cast of the series The Wilds has received a lot of appreciation for their performance on screen. The show makers did handpick their cast with a lot of perfection, and we can expect the same in The Wilds season 3.

Here is a list of all the expected cast of The Wilds season 3:-

  • Sophia Ali plays the role of Fatin Jadmani, one of the survivors who was stranded on the island. Fatin belongs to a rich family and is a cellist from California.
  • Shannon Berry is Dot Campbell, a survivor of the crash stranded on the island. Dot is one of the toughest girls among the survivors.
  • Jenna Clause as Martha Blackburn. The special thing about Martha, among other girls stranded on the island, is that she loves animals.
  • Reign Edwards as Rachel Reid, she is a competitive driver from London who got stranded on the island.
  • Mia Healey portrays the character of Shelby Goodkind, a closeted beauty pageant winner who got stranded on the island.
  • Helena Howard is Nora Reid was stranded on the island and other girls.
  • Erana James is Toni Shalifoe, Martha’s girlfriend got stranded with her on the island.
  • Sarah Pidgeon plays the character of Leah Rilke, one among the other girls who got stranded on the island.
  • David Sullivan as Daniel Faber, a psychologist who interviewed the girls stranded on the island.
  • Troy Winbush is Dean Young, FBI Agent.
  • Rachel Griffiths plays Gretchen Klein.
  • Aidan Laprete covers the screen as Henry Tanaka.
  • Charles Alexander is Kirin O’Conner.
  • Nicholas Coombe played the character of Josh Herbert.
  • Reed Shannon is Scotty Simms.
  • Alex Fitzalan is Seth Novak.
  • Miles Gutierrez-Riley is Ivan Taylor.

Apart from all this cast, we can expect a few new faces in The Wilds Season 3

The Wilds Season 3 Trailer

The show makers are yet to announce the renewal of the series The Wilds season 3. So, it is hard to guess when we will get to see the trailer of The Wilds Season 3.

The Wilds Season 3 Storyline

The storyline of the series The Wilds is based on a group of teenage girls who are part of a mysterious plan. The execution of the plan starts by selecting girls from varied backgrounds. The next major incident occurs when the selected girls are sent on a plane to Hawaii for a retreat by the Dawn of Eve Program, a young women’s empowerment retreat.

It is only when the plane crashes on an island. The series shows the adventure, struggle, and issues the girls had to face for survival all alone, only to find out later that they were part of a social experiment staged by the head of by Dawn of Eve Program.

The Wilds Season 3 Premiere Date

The premiere date of the series The Wilds season 3 is not yet announced as the show still stands on hold for renewal.

The Wilds Renewal Status

The show The Wilds aired its second season a few days back, so it is too soon to assume if there will be a season 3 or not. So, as per recent updates, the show is on hold for renewal.

The Conclusion

The Wilds series is a complete entertainment package as it has a perfect combination of mystery, adventure, thriller, and drama. It talks about girls stranded on an island who did their best to survive in harsh conditions. If you have not watched the series yet, give it a watch. Stay connected and bookmark this page for further updates and news regarding the show.

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