Ticket to Paradise Release Date, Cast, Trailer 2022

Well, well, well, George Clooney and Julia Roberts are all set to share the screens once again after the 2016 Money Monster. Director Ol Parker, who directed Mamma Mia, who directed Here We Go Again and Now is Good, is back with Ticket to Paradise, a romantic comedy genre movie. 

Here are more details about the movie in this article, including the release date, cast, trailer, and more.

Ticket to Paradise Release Date 2022

After delays in the shooting due to covid 19, the movie’s shooting finally began in mid of 2021, and the movie is all set to hit the theaters in September 2022.

However, some websites have mentioned the Ticket to Paradise release date as October 22, 2022. We do not have the official word yet, so we cannot say much about the final date yet.

Ticket to Paradise Cast

  • We are excited to see George Clooney and Julia Roberts coming together as the main leads in this romantic comedy. The duo was last seen in the 2016 movie Money Monsters. We are so thrilled to have these Oscar-winning actors come together after a long time to create some magic on screen yet again. 
  • The Tomorrowland and Small Great Things actors will play a divorced couple trying to stop their daughter from getting married. 
  • Who does not know Gabriel from Emily in Paris? Yes, I am talking about Lucas Bravo; he has also joined the movie’s cast. However, not much has been revealed about his character yet. 
  • Another name to join the cast is Kaitlyn Dever, who has given commendable performances in Booksmart and Last Man Standing.
  • Some new members might join the cast, although we do not have any definite information about that yet, so let us wait and watch.
  • The cast looks so promising that even though nothing much has been revealed about the characters being played, we are still so excited about the upcoming venture. We are sure this one will be an amazing experience on screen.

Ticket to Paradise Plot and Storyline

A divorced couple played by Roberts and Clooney find themselves trying to stop their daughter from marrying someone she met on her trip to Bali with her best friend. They do not want her to repeat the same mistake as them. And eventually how everyone finds out and settles for what is best for them.

The makers have made sure not to give too much detail about the upcoming venture, but the director has shared how excited he is for the project and how great he feels to have such amazing and talented actors on board. 

We are hoping for an amazing comedy setup packed with some cute romantic moments shared by the characters. Safe to say that this one is going to be a hit.

Ticket to Paradise 2022
Ticket to Paradise 2022

Ticket to Paradise Trailer/Teaser

Since a few movie sequences are yet to be shot in Bali, we are unsure when the official trailer or teaser will come out. I guess we might have to wait till summer this year because the production will only release an official trailer ahead of the movie`s release date.

But the writer of the movie Ted Melfi had shared his excitement about the venture via his social media. No books have been released of any actor yet.

The audience is also thrilled to have Luvas Bravo on board after his amazing performance as Gabriel in the Netflix show Emily in Paris. So we should hold tight and keep our excitement and hopes intact to experience this amazing venture on screen.

In a Nutshell

Even though we do not have all the details yet, we can surely say that this one will be a hit looking at the talented cast and amazing storyline. We cannot hold our excitement for this movie to come out. We surely have high hopes on this one; I cannot wait to see what this one has onboard for us.


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