Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods is a pro golfer from the United States who has amassed a large wealth over his career. He earned all of the fame and a fortune by playing golf his entire life. After factoring in inflation, that comes to almost $1.8 billion. Tiger is the wealthiest player in Golf and he stayed the highest-paid celebrity who plays sports in the world for many years.

Tiger Woods Information

  • Net Worth:      $800 Million
  • Salary:             $50 Million Per Year
  • Date of Birth:  1975-12-30
  • Gender:           Male
  • Age:                51 years
  • Height:           6 ft
  • Profession:     Golfer, Athlete, Writer
  • Nationality:    United States

Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger is anticipated to have a net worth of roughly $800 million by 2022, based on his achievements on and off the course. His yearly pay is still an incredible $50 million a year after a car accident that left him out of service for almost a year. The majority of Woods’ money has come through his golfing achievements, like the $2.07 million he won at the 2019 Masters.

He has also saved a substantial sum of money from sponsorships and endorsements throughout the years. He may make up to $1.5 million just by competing in golf tournaments, and he gets compensated $10 million for his services to course design throughout the world.

Quick Facts about Tiger Woods

  • Tiger Woods’ education is also exclusively centered on golf. Western High School was where he began his schooling.
  • Tiger had golf lessons from both his father and a coach when he was younger.
  • Tiger Woods collected $63m in sponsorship money within a year between 2019 to 2020, despite rumored earnings of $50m.
  • Woods has a sponsorship deal with Nike, which pays him $40 million over five years.
  • According to his website, the athlete, born Eldrick Tont Woods, began his golfing career at an early age, winning three US Amateur titles throughout his boyhood.
  • In 2001, he secured a $100 million agreement with the sportswear behemoth, and in 2006, he inked another eight-year pact worth up to $40 million each year.
  • Woods’ fortune has mostly come from winning golf tournaments, such as the $2.07 million he earned at the 2019 Masters.
  • Tiger Woods’ personal life includes an illustrious golfing profession and an opulent lifestyle to match.
  • He has suffered considerably as a result of his life’s ups and downs, despite the fact that it has been full of them. Tiger Woods was used to having a big family with his two children and a wife.
  • The pair married in 2004 and remained together till 2010. They have split up as a result of the Tiger Woods incident and other misdeeds.
  • He had a lot of bad times in the past but he managed to cover away from them with time.


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Who is Tiger Woods Dating?

In Sept 2017, Tiger began dating Erica Herman, who was a restaurant manager. Erica has been observed cheering for Tiger at major tournaments and competitions in the years after her first public appearance.

What occurred in the life of Tiger Woods?

Tiger started in January 2021 when he had suffered his sixth back surgery and would not be able to compete again until April at the worst. He was in a single-car accident in February, and his right leg had to be medically repaired.

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