Titans Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Cast Updates

Addiction to anything is never considered good, but this is hard to understand by series lovers who fall for one series and then eagerly wait for its upcoming seasons. However, for all those ‘series lovers’ who have fallen for the famous fantasy drama series ‘Titans,’ a piece of news has come up that holds the power of bringing the sparkles to the eyes of the fans waiting for it.

On October 16, 2021, at DC FanDome, HBO announced that the Max Original Series ‘TITANS’ will continue for at least one more new season. Before the finale show of season 3, the prime star of the show, Brenton Thwaites, also dropped by this event and confirmed the same news. So, great news for the fans is DC Titans Season 4 is coming.

Basically, the series ‘Titans’ is a famous comic book series Teen Titans. 

Titans all three seasons received crazy love from the fans; now it’s time for Titans Season 4.

Overview of the Titans Season 3

Titans Season 3 portrays a good bonding among the titans while facing the hurdles. In season 3, while going after the Joker and taking the risk alone, Jason got killed, resulting in Bruce losing his temper and killing the Joker.

Now, after the death of Jason, the main antagonist of season 3, Dr. Jonathan Crane, popularly known as the scarecrow, bring Jason back to life with the help of Lazarus Pit and certain drugs and turns him into a cruel, heartless killer and named him as Red Hood. The latter later killed Hank and tried to murder other titans.

After Hank’s death, the scarecrow further continued his evil intentions and poised the water in Gotham using a toxin which made the city people violent and caused hallucinations. Later, the scarecrow himself released a video that proved his statement, blaming the Titans for adding poison to the water. Then he used Jason as his spokesperson for claiming Red Hood as the city’s savior.

Titans Season 3 End

At the end of the season, Titans, Barbara, and Tim Drake had a fight against the scarecrow with the help of an ex-titan, Jason Todd, who got back his senses during the last few episodes of the season. When the scarecrow drops a bomb filled with poison gas, many people lose their lives in Gotham; however, Titans save the lives by turning the Lazarus Pit into storms with their immense powers. This results in reviving the people killed by the Cranes gas. Also, with scarecrow shifted to Arkham, titans also headed towards Bay Area along with the new titan Tim Drake. 

Apart from all this, when Starfire came to know her sister was trapped in a government facility, she rescued her and allowed her to be a part of the team, not knowing that this step might change their futures forever.

Titans Season 4 Release Date

There is no confirmation from the makers of the Titans that when will the Titans Season 4 release. However, as an estimation, seasons 1 and 2 were aired during the fall season, having a year gap. Later, the next season got aired after a complete year gap in August 2021. So looking at the pattern, we can guess that season 4 might come around the next year during the fall season (autumn) again, and it will premiere on HBOMAX. 

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Netflix Titans Season 4 Cast

For the cast of Titans season 4, first of all, fans should expect their favorite superheroes to return. The cast of the show will include:

Brenton Thwaites as “Dick Grayson,” also known as ‘Nightwing.’

Anna Diop as “Kory Anders,” also known as ‘Starfire.’

Teagan Croft as “Rachel Roth,” also known as ‘Raven.’

Ryan Potter as “Gar Logan,” also known as ‘Beast Boy.’

Joshua Orpin as “Conner Kent,” also known as ‘Superboy.’

Fans will also get a chance to see some new faces in the titan crew, with Jay Lycurgo as “Tim Drake” being the newest one. Also, based on the last few episodes of season 3, other heroes such as Minka Kelly as “Dawn Granger” (also known as, ‘Dove’) and Curran Walters as “Jason Todd” (also known as, ‘Red Hood’), might not be seen as playing integral roles in this season.

Plot: What you can expect from Titans Season 4

Presently there is no information regarding the road; Season 4 will take us down. But we have seen that the makers of this show have done a fantastic job in following the storyline. So if we predict the course this season will have, it might be something like- Season 4 might bring in the Brotherhood of Evil. Beast Boy will thus get his share of the story. The Brotherhood of Evil is also the reason behind his parents’ deaths. We might even be able to see him going through a plethora of emotions, coming out of his emotional range (of that of a teaspoon.)

Titans Season 4 release date, cast. trailer
Titans Season 4

These are only speculations, though. Let’s see where the dice roles are and what we get to see. Fasten your seat belts and get ready to watch the season! So, you can expect that season 4 might also influence some other storylines of certain comics and come with a masterpiece of its own.

Trailer of Titans Season 4

Following the same situation as the release date and the plot, there has not been any small teaser or trailer of the Titans season 4. Therefore, considering the situation, it can be safe to say that fans should not expect any such trailer or even a teaser at least till 2022. 

What can you expect from Titans Season 4?

Due to one of the scenes of the season 3 finale, where Rachel has given Lazarus Pit nightmares to Dr. Jonathan Crane, he is in Arkham Asylum, so you can expect that his role in the show might come to an end.

Donna (played by “Conor Leslie”) is off to Paris and possibly seems to take a job with ARGUS’s government agency. ARGUS is a mysterious organization that helped the titans rebuild Gotham city by bringing down the Crane.

Hank Hall (played by “Alan Ritchson”) stays dead, making the fans assume that he will not return. And, the main character in the first half of season 3, Dawn wan not much seen by the fans since his death, which might make way for a mysterious appearance for his character in season 4.

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