Fans Suspect Tom Cruise As Iron Man in Dr Strange 2 trailer?

Ever since the most awaited Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 2 trailer’s release, it has created a buzz over the news charts. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has more to offer, like Tom Cruise as Iron Man; read on!

Did fans suspect the appearance of Tom Cruise as Iron Man in Dr. Strange 2 trailer? The internet was set ablaze when fans had seen Iron Man in Doctor Strange, the Multiverse of Madness Trailer when it was released on Monday Morning. Fans had tried to get the most out of the trailer!

Be it the chemistry of Lady Wanda or Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role, and fans noticed them all. Another thing that excited them is Patrick Stewart’s voice cameo as Professor Charles Xavier.

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No wonder why the Marvel Cinematic Universe never fails to amaze its fans! Earlier, it was seen that Patrick Stewart’s iconic voice is giving goosebumps to all the fans. But no!

Fans had seen a glimpse of a flying creature passing through the ruins and debris. This has given chills to everyone! The most incredible part is that fans have recognized him as Iron Man! Moreover, the surprising part is that the character is being played by Tom Cruise and not Robert Downey Jr.

Will Tom Cruise Be the New Iron Man instead of Robert Downey Jr?

The part is unclear whether Tom would replace Robert Downey Jr or not. As far as the sources claim and the fans suspect, it’s a modified version of Iron Man seen in MCU comics, known as the Superior Iron Man.

So, as far as we know, Tom Cruise will play the role of Superior Iron Man. This has left all the fans excited. There’s no wonder if I say that the Super Bowl Time has proved to be a great time not only in the US but also worldwide.

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