Will there be Turning Red 2? Everything you need to Know!

March 13, 2022: Turning Red is the most exciting topic nowadays, and receiving a positive response from the critics, puts a probability of its Season 2.

Pixar’s first movie that involved an all-women’s cast, Turning Red, has a lot more to unveil.

Though Turning Red has been newly released around the corner, it is being hyped out whether the movie will have a sequel or not. Moreover, considering the immense popularity that the film is receiving, fans demand a sequel for the same.

The animated movie revolves around a Chinese culture setup. It showcases the story of Meilin Lee, popularly called “Mei.” Rosalie Chiang plays this role in the film. She’s shown as a bright and disciplined student besides an obedient daughter.

Mei considers her family’s happiness before herself and owes them a lot. However, when she steps off from adolescence and begins her journey of adulthood, she wishes to have her stance. Mei wants an opportunity to create her own identity as she wonders about what she is as an individual!

Whenever she faces any tiff due to these disciplines, she experiences staunch emotions. She is blessed with an ancestral curse to turn into a vast Red panda when she experiences persistent feelings.

With time, it becomes difficult for her to choose herself over her family. Moreover, she gets puzzled about whom she should listen to in her heart or mind?

Engrossed amidst everything, she faces challenges in living with the Red Panda. However, she learns to live with her side of Red Panda simultaneously.

Why Turning Red 2 has Higher Chances to Come Up?

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney had to cancel Turning Red’s theatrical release. Then it was released on Disney Plus for free. It has received a great response from the audiences and has gained a massive fan base in a short time.

Besides, its positive reviews have made the news spread like wildfire. Practically considering, though Mei learned to live with it however her upcoming future and struggling years would put forward many challenges in front of her. So, she shall have a hard time accepting the harsh reality.

The Turning Red 2 storyline could present Mei and her battle in living with the troublesome journey and creating her own identity.

In an official interview, the producer and director accepted that they consider coming up with a sequel. However, if it comes, the Turning Red 2 Release Date would be 4-5 years later from 2022. It’s because Turning Red had also taken 4-5 years for production, filming, and release.

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