Twenty-Five Twenty-One Season 2 Release Date, Cast and More

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is one of the famous South Korean Television shows. With starring one of the most renowned south Koren acting stars, this show has gained immense popularity. The Koreans loved this show and rated it as All-star series. 

Season one of the Twenty-Five Twenty-One show is still airing on TVN and will continue till April 03, 2022. This show is also streaming on Netflix, and the new episodes air every Saturday-Sunday on TVN. It is hard to estimate any dates for season two; however, their popularity tells us that we will see season two very soon.

No dates have been out, and the officials focus on the season one finale. It is interesting to see how this show will end. Cast has been fantastic throughout the series, and we hope that the end will give us an idea of the new season. 

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Season 2 Release Date

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Season 2
Twenty-Five Twenty-One Season 2

We heard rumors, and chances are you heard them too. There are high possible chances to get updates after the season one finale. No official talks have been made yet, and nor the cast drives any expectations in their interviews. It is surprising to see no information leaks despite the fake rumors spreading. 

As per our knowledge and sources, we hope that the Twenty-Five Twenty-One Season 2 of this fantastic rom-com series might get released by the end of 2023. 

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Cast

This kind of show never makes changes in its cast, as it is part of the TV show. Therefore, we expect the season one cast to continue in season two.

Down here are our predictions for the season two cast.

  • Na Hee-do is one of the leading characters in this show. Starting with Ock ye-rin, she will play the young Na Hee-do. Kim So-Hyun will play the adult Na Hee-do. Kim Tae-Ri will play the leading role.
  • Nam Joo-hyuk will continue to play his role of Baek Yi-Jin. His role is to be seen as a hardworking man running out of money. 
  • Bona will play Ko Yu-rim. She is a charming girl and has won a high school gold medal in Fencing.
  • Choi Hyun-Wook is playing Moon-Ji woong. He is a famous handsome boy and a friend of Na Hee-do.
  • Lee Jo-Myung will play JI Seung-Wan, a best friend of Moon Ji-wong.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Season 2 Trailer

After crossing over a million views on their season one youtube trailer, this show surprised everyone. The season one trailer was released just a few days before the arrival of the season one show. We expect the same for season two, which might release by the end of 2023 or at MId 2023. The dates are hard to expect as only half of the season has been aired yet. 

Twenty-Five Twenty-One season 2 storyline

The storyline written by Kwon Do-eun is extraordinary in the Rom-com world. Not only the drama he added to the show, but the proper mixture of storyline and characters is impressive. 

The season two storyline is not yet estimated, but after watching the latest episodes, the characters face issues with money, dreams, and family problems. 

The season two storyline feels different as the first season is still pending, and the character has started working on their problems. In the second season, we think they might get what they want but would still face some real-life emotional issues, which could throw them into a darker life.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Premiere date

The popularity of this show may not be able to hold the time. However, there are high possible chances of getting the officials’ dates for season two very soon. 

The season one premiere was held on February 12, 2022, on TVN. However, there are still more episodes to air and more information to get from the series. We’ll update you with everything related to the show as soon as we get pieces of information from our sources.

The Conclusion

After crossing millions of viewers, Twenty-Five Twenty-One is now one of the most famous Romantic TV series in South Korea. The streaming on Netflix made it much more popular on a worldwide level. 

What are your thoughts about this romantic K-Drama, and what do you think about how the season one finale will end? Did you watch season 1? Let us know in the comment section. You can bookmark this page for regular updates and news regarding the show. Happy Watching!


4 thoughts on “Twenty-Five Twenty-One Season 2 Release Date, Cast and More”

  1. Awesome drama that i’ve ever watched! The story very relate in real life. And also the character of the all actors are good. Hope that season 2 will be realized. Amen

  2. I hated the ending, but loved the program. The ending in a practical way, made sense, but seriously, who wants common sense when it comes to a story so beautifully acted and written? I hope that the entire cast returns, particularly the 2 leads who were breathtaking just with their eyes. Please please please let’s see a Season 2

  3. Dapat lang talagang may season 2 kasi hindi naman pinakita ang adult version ni Baek yin- jin . At curious din ako sino ang napangasawa ni Na hee-do.

  4. I really hope that there’s a second season! I was waiting for Na Hee-Do and Baek Yi-Jin to meet again and continue their relationship. And seeing the lifes of the other characters evolve.


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