Tyler Perry Net Worth

Tyler Perry is an American actor, television producer, comedian, film and director, composer, and novelist best known for portraying Madea. Madea is a fierce, old African-American woman who has inspired Tyler Perry to make more than five films, all of which have been critical and commercial successes.

Tyler Perry Information

  • Net Worth:      $800 Million
  • Salary:              $80 Million
  • Date of Birth:    Sep 13, 1969
  • Gender:            Male
  • Age:                  52 years old
  • Height:             6 ft 5″
  • Profession:       Screenwriter, Theatre Director, Television Director, Playwright, Film Producer, Television producer, Actor, Film director, Author, Songwriter
  • Nationality:      United States of America

Tyler Perry Net Worth

Tyler has an estimated net worth of $800 million dollars. He has amassed his fortune through a lengthy and distinguished acting and comedic career. Tyler is also a screenwriter, songwriter, theatre director, and novelist, as well as a film and television director and producer.

He has directed and produced over 30 financially successful films in his career as a film director and producer. Tyler is one of several superstars who started from the ground up and created a business empire. He believes that The Oprah Winfrey Show influenced him.

Tyler Perry Quick Facts

  • Emmitt Perry Jr. was born in 1969, in New Orleans, to Maxine and Emmitt Perry.
  • Perry was raised in poverty and did not finish high school, but he did subsequently receive a General Education Development (GED) certificate.
  • To distance himself from his violent father, he changed his initial name to Tyler at the age of sixteen.
  • Perry collaborated on a theatrical production of Bishop T. D. Jakes’ self-help bestseller Woman and Thou Art Loosed.
  • Perry admitted in a 2004 interview with Ebony magazine that some critics feel his plays have “pushed the Black race back 500 years.”
  • Perry eventually debuted Tyler Perry Studios’ new headquarters in 2019, which is located on the 330-acre former military installation Fort McPherson that he bought four years ago. It served as a Confederate military post during the Civil War.
  • Perry purchased the property for $30 million and spent $250 million on improvements and renovations.


Perry began expanding his work outside Madea in 2006 when he created the tv comedy series House of Payne. The show was first shown on the TBS television network in 2007. Tyler contacted production giant Lionsgate with a pitch, riding high on his homegrown success.

He would contribute half of the funds for a film that would require a $5.5 million budget. Lionsgate picked up the remaining half in exchange for a minor marketing charge and a 12% distribution fee. After those expenses, they’d share the money equally. Diary of a Mad Black Woman, in 2005, was their debut collaboration.

Domestically, the picture was a great hit that was able to earn $50.6m, with an extra $150m in TV syndication and home video sales. Perry controls the content and keeps half of the proceeds as part of his Lionsgate arrangement.


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How did Tyler Perry get so rich?

Tyler got his break from Winfrey’s commercial skill and made $100m easily from theatrical ticket sales, that rushed him with a whooping $30m from filmed performances, and $20m from merchandise before ever having a movie or TV show.

Is Tyler Perry worth a billion dollars or a million dollars?

Tyler’s net worth is estimated to be $800 million in 2022. He is a well-known and accomplished producer, director, actor, and a writer.

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