Upcoming Web Series on Disney+ in April 2022

Disney+ has been on a run since it acquired the major comic and movie brands a few years ago. It has been giving back to back great content in movies and web series to its user.

This list looks at the new lineup of the announced releases of Web-series on the Disney+ collection to be aired in April 2022. The brain-tingling plethora of web series awaiting release in April 2022 over the UK and USA has everything you can ask for.

Upcoming Web Series on Disney+ in April 2022

Upcoming Web Series on Disney+ in April 2022
Upcoming Web Series on Disney+ in April 2022

April 2022 will be super amazing as Disney+ comes with plenty of movies and web series. So here we are with the top upcoming web series on Disney+ in April 2022.

  • Moon Knight

Moon knight is a fantasy fiction web series more of a superhero kind. The male protagonist depicts the life of an ex-marine soldier who is trying to cope with his disassociative identity, namely Steven Grant. The situation goes out of control when the Egyptian gods’ mysterious power starts channeling into him. However, the release was made at the very end of March. The show is the biggest attraction for April with its all-new episodes.

Release Date:- March 30, 2022

Created By:-  Doug Moench, Don Peril

  • Ghost and Molly McGee

This series showcases the daily life of a teen girl with a big heart and who is willing to change the world with her kind outlook toward others. The contrasting character in this tale is a ghost named scratch, a total mess and ready to make others’ lives miserable. It’s interesting to watch how friendship develops between these two people and how they become good companions in their ups and downs.

Release Date:- April 6, 2022

Created By:- Bill Motz, Bob Roth

  • Raven’s Home Season 5

Being the sole parent, Raven is struggling in her life with her son named, Booker. Raven, a blessed soul, has some psychic powers of peeking into the future, inherited by her son. So one fine day, she decided to shift to San Francisco to look after her ex-husband. The narrative revolves around the multiple chores being done by Raven to keep going on in her life. Overall, the series showcases the Raven’s desperate struggle to look after every member of her family.

Release Date:- April 1, 2022

Directed  By- Eric Dean Seaton, Robbie Countryman

  • Sketchbook

Sketchbook is a documentary-type series directed towards depicting the visions portrayed on canvas by immensely talented artists. These well-known artists are here to teach us the magic of illustrative art. Each of them will have its special episodes.

Release Date:- 27 April 2022 

Directed By:-  Leanne Dare, Andrew McAllister, Jason Sterman 

  • Minnie’s Bow-Toons: Party Palace Pals  (Season 1) 

In the Mickey Mouse clubhouse series, Minnie is the most loved character among children, especially girls. Seeing this character’s innocent relatability and immense popularity, the directors came up with a new show of her own where Minnie, along with her best friend Daisy the duck, has opened a special boutique where customized bows are made. So many surprising adventures are hidden in this series which makes it more addictive and joyful at the same time.

Release Date:- April 6, 2022

Created By- Bob Gannaway

  • Walk The Prank (Season 1)

As the name suggests, this show revolves around larger-than-real pranks made by 4 punk kids. They are the aspiring prankster of the future digital world, making their startups in this prank industry. The specialty of this gang is scaring people with their unique abilities and psychic powers. It is a fun, loaded light-hearted series to look forward to.

Release Date:- April 2, 2022

Created by :-  Adam Small , Trevor Moore

  • Life Bites (Season 1-7)

This story is set up in the backdrop of West London, Britain. Narrative encases the daily quest of a brother and sister and how they go along with daily challenges thrown to them by various relationships existing in their lives. In every episode,  Chloe and Harvey are engage in different aspects of school life. It is an adapted version of Life Bites – Pillole di Vita.

Release Date:- April 6, 2022

Directed By:-  Gianluca Brezza

  • Ghostforce (Season 1)

With its short animated episode format of 11 minutes spanning 52 episodes, the Ghostforce is a fun animated children’s series. Three kids in school fight ghosts who secretly work as superheroes in their city. It was premiered in Israel last year and is set to stream this April on Disney+.

Release Date:- April 13, 2022

Directed By:- René Veilleux

  • Air Crash Investigation (Season 20)

In this documentary series, Catastrophic events in aviation records are re-enacted with extreme detail, offering a perception of what went incorrect and if the crashes and near-screw ups might have been prevented. Witnesses from survivors integrate with the black box to weave these gripping tales, and professional testimony tells us the hows and whys at the back of those events. This information and insights have led to vital modifications to aviation protection and regulations.

The 20th season of this long-running series is bringing new stories of Place accidents from Kathmandu, Taiwan, and Africa when it releases this April in the UK on Disney+.

Release Date:- April 13, 2022

Created By:- Andre Barro, Bernard Vaillot and Greg Gransden.

  • The Missing (Season 1-2)

This British Thriller Drama is an anthology series Where the first season is based on the story of Tony Hughes, who is traveling with his wife Emily and his five-year-old son Oliver on holiday from Britain to Northern France. A sudden breakdown in the car while entering France causes them to stop in that small town for the night. Later that evening, when visiting a crowded bar in that area, Tony loses sight of Oliver and goes missing.

The second season gives a parallel story based on 2014 of Sam and Gemma Webster, whose daughter Alice went missing seven years ago in 2003.

Release Date:- April 13, 2022

Directed By:- Tom Shankland (Season 1) and Ben Chanan (Season 2)

  • The Mick (Season 1-2)

This American SitCom stars Kaitlin Olson, the Executive producer for this show. The two seasons of this hilarious comedy give us a solid 37 episodes filled with the story of Mackenzie “Mickie” Molding, who is in for a terrible surprise when a turn of events forces her to babysit and be the guardian of her nephew and niece. It revolves around Mickie and her semi-boyfriend Jimmy trying to take care of the three spoiled brats: Ben, Chip, and Sabrina.

Release Date:- April 13, 2022

Created By:-  Dave Chernin and John Chernin

  • The Kardashians

After the end of Keeping up with the Kardashians, The fans of this series were awaiting their return. This new American Reality Tv show comes as the latest part of a series based on the lives of the rich and famous family of Kardashians and Jenners. This series while retaining all the entertainment from the personal lives of the Kardashians will go a different way by focusing more on the personal and professional lives of  Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian along with their half-sisters Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner. The Kardashians will be streaming exclusively on Disney+ in the UK from this April 14, 2022.

Release Date:- April 14, 2022

Produced By:- Futwell Productions

  • Club Mickey Mouse (Season 4)

Season 4 of the revived live original of the famous old animated series “Mickey Mouse Club House” is Released in the UK this April. Here kids can once again hang out in the Club mickey mouse with many fun activities like singing, dancing, and playing interesting and educational games. They also feature celebrity guests, and this show is hosted every week by the charismatic and friendly seven musketeers. 

Release Date:- April 20, 2022

  • Space Chicken in Space (Season 1)

Space chicken in space is a Disney original comedy based on space and science fiction. It is a treat for children with its comical and funny premise where three chickens, namely – Chuck, Starley, and Finley, are abducted from their homes and taken away from their chicken lives by a mistake that lands them in a space battle being a part of a former space Inter-galactic military academy. These chickens will have to go through blood, sweat, tears, and teamwork to live through the experience.

Release Date:- April 20, 2022Directed by:- Markus Vad Flaaten, Tommy Vad Flaaten

  • Trust Me (Season 1 and 2)

When it comes to professionals, the people we trust the most in our lives would be Doctors. But what if medical professionals break that trust? That is the premise of this Scottish medical drama series. The two installments of this series have two different and equally dramatic and scary stories. The first season revolves around the story of a nurse who becomes a doctor in Edinburgh by identity theft after losing her previous job as a nurse.

Release Date:- April 20 2022

Directed By:-  John Alexander , Amie Neil

  • Mere et Fille (Season 1 and 2)

This is a French SitCom which, when translated to English, means “Mother and Daughter.” Yes, you guessed correctly, a story of a mother and daughter. But this is no ordinary mother and daughter duo. This is the story of a 14-year-old girl in her teenage crisis in High school and her 39-year-old lawyer and divorced mother, Isabelle, who is trying her best to stay in her youthful phase. Their dynamic relationship and conflicts make for a family entertainer.

Release Date:- April 27, 2022

Directed by- Stéphane Marelli

  • Port Protection Alaska (Season 2)

Port Protection Alaska Season 2 is arriving this April, made by the same producers as the famous Series “Life below zero,” an international hit on the National Geographic channel. This series focuses on the struggles of living of the individuals of the port protection community living in the remote corner of an Island in Alaska. When a handful of people live without any law, government, facilities, or even roads for the scenic beauty and boundless life, it is sure to be an inspirational adventure to watch.

Release Date:- April 27, 2022

  • Dollface (Seasons 2)

Starring Kat Dennings, Brenda Song, and Shay Mitchell, The second season of this American Comedy Tv show are set to release in the UK this April. This is a story about a young girl who quite literally and in many meanings is trying to rekindle the sparks with her old lady friends and going back to the women’s world after being dumped by her Long term boyfriend.

Release Date:- April 27, 2022

Created By:-  Jordan Weiss 

The Conclusion

The new release schedule for April 2022 for the USA and the UK is packed and full of Interesting web series worldwide. The lineup of these series has multiple natural and educational documentaries for the people who love science and the know-how of the way the world goes around, with plenty of content targeted at the younger generations and kids and a lot of SitComs for the whole family.

But the main star for this April season would undoubtedly be MoonKnight, which was long anticipated and awaited and is being loved by the comics fans. Overall, this month is full of action thriller web series released, so stay tuned and don’t forget to watch. You can bookmark this page as well for regular updates and news.

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